Sunday, November 6, 2011

Weekly Meals & a Bit More Foodbuzz Festival Fun

The highlight of last week’s menu was definitely Juliana’s Panko Crusted Chicken Cutlets. It’s a super quick and easy but very tasty meal (dip chicken in flour, then egg, then panko crumbs. I seasoned the panko crumbs with salt, pepper, and dried oregano as I didn’t have parsley. Then cook the chicken pieces in a little oil for a few minutes per side). I used to make this dish years ago with breadcrumbs, but panko crumbs make it so much better. I ended up making roasted veggies with the chicken, and we had lots of leftovers.

Since we had so many leftovers, I never made the pumpkin soup I had planned last week. It’s being moved to this week’s menu.

Meal 1: Pumpkin soup – I think I’ll cut the pumpkin in half, roast it, and then sauté some veggies, add the pumpkin, veggie stock and spices, and then blend it. Once the soup is done, I’ll stir in some Greek yogurt. I’ll also roast the seeds to add some crunch to the soup.
Meal 2: Kimchi fried rice. I am cooking a lot of brown rice these days as I love to eat it for breakfast. I'll use some of the rice to make kimchi fried rice. I have some leftover pork in the freezer that I’ll defrost and add to the dish.
Meal 3: Super easy pizza – I bought refrigerated whole wheat pizza dough from Trader Joe’s. I’ll make a cheese/mushroom pizza and a salad.
Meal 4: Chicken quesadillas with salsa, Greek yogurt, and avocados.
Meal 5: Leftovers and some fish. Not sure about this one yet…

And here are some more Foodbuzz Festival pics. (In case you are interested, here is Friday’s recap and hubby’s more comprehensive recap.)

A tasty and fun weekend! It was great to see some old friends and meet some new ones. It was also really nice to get to spend some uninterrupted, quality time with hubby.

Because of my foot pain, I have been working out a lot less over the last few weeks, and my body and mind have certainly taken notice (not in a good way). Luckily, my foot is finally feeling better, and I was able to do 50 minutes on the elliptical without too much foot pain. I planned my workouts for this week on my Facebook page if you are interested.

Questions: What’s on your menu this week? What was the highlight of your weekend? 

Be well,