Sunday, November 27, 2011

Weekend Fun, An Award, & Weekly Menu

We had a nice long weekend. We decorated a gingerbread house.

We also were lucky as the weather cooperated much better than expected based on the forecasts earlier in the week, and we were able to go to a park and on walks treasure hunts.

Now on to the award. Last week, Melinda from Nutrition, Food, Travel and More awarded me the Versatile Blogger award.

Versitle Blog Award

Melinda is an R.D. and a military wife. I started following her blog when she lived on the Azores, and I loved following along her island adventures. And I always was a bit jealous of the amazing cheese and olive appetizers that accompanied many of the meals she ate there… Winking smile Melinda also did some exploring in Europe and took her readers along on her trips. About three months ago, Melinda moved to Japan and has been documenting her adventures there.

I’m supposed to share seven things about myself with my readers. I have shared quite a few “unknown” facts about myself in previous posts, so I thought I’d share my seven favorite foods with you today (you may know some or even most of them, but I’m sure some are new):
  1. Tomatoes. If I could only eat one food for the rest of my life it would definitely be tomatoes. I would never get tired of them…
  2. Beets. This one is funny to me as I seriously disliked beets until I was about 35. Now I love them, especially roasted or with a vinegar dressing/marinade.
  3. Avocados. Avocadoes and tomatoes go so well together…
  4. Sweet potatoes: Another food I truly disliked for many years but has become a favorite in recent years.
  5. Hot chocolate. Growing up, I DID NOT like chocolate AT ALL. In fact, I got mad whenever I received chocolate as a gift. But recently, I have grown very fond of chocolate, and even more recently, of hot chocolate.
  6. Cheese. I love pretty much any cheese (and always have!) and have to seriously control myself around it…
  7. Radishes. I have always loved radishes, and recently hubby has started to love them as well.
Thank you for the award, Melinda!

And now on to this week’s menu:

Meal 1: Pizza with sautéed mushrooms and onions. I’ll recreate the pizza using TJ’s whole wheat refrigerated pizza dough that was such a hit in our house a few weeks ago. We’ll have a salad with it.
Meal 2: Quesadillas with black beans, avocado, salsa, and Greek yogurt.
Meal 3: Salmon and roasted veggies
Meal 4: Pasta & veggies.
Meal 5: Leftovers.

Questions: What are some of your favorite foods? What’s on your menu this week? What was the highlight of your weekend?
Be well,