Monday, November 14, 2011

Weekend Fun and Weekly Meals

The highlight of last week’s meals was the pizza that I made with the whole wheat pizza dough I bought at Trader Joe’s. It was such a quick, (almost) no cook meal, and it’s actually quite funny how popular it was! Smile

I topped the pizza with a little tomato sauce, one large sautéed, sliced red onion, eight ounces of sliced, sautéed mushrooms, and brie and cheddar cheese. The kid isn’t a fan of raw onions, but he loved the sautéed onions and mushrooms on the pizza.

Since I don’t like a lot of crust on my pizza, I cut some dough off to make some rolls later (the package said it was enough for a 12 inch pizza, and I have a 12 inch pan. But it would have been way too much crust for me. Even with making five small rolls, there was still a lot of crust in my opinion.)

To make the rolls, I simply formed the dough into “rolls” and then sprinkled them with oregano and baked them for about 8 minutes. Super quick and easy dinner rolls. I look forward to experimenting a bit with different flavors to add to the dough and on top of the rolls.

Now on to this week’s meals. It’s another busy week; really every week until the end of the year is; that’s just life right now, so I better get used to it and stop thinking and talking about it… Winking smile

Meal 1: Fish tacos.
Meal 2: Stir fry with bok choy (got a lot of it in our CSA box), tofu and brown rice.
Meal 3: Grilled sandwiches (made with my cheap sandwich maker, which I love) and a salad.
Meal 4: Leftover chili (from the freezer)
Meal 5: Not sure yet.

On Friday, the kid participated in a lantern parade. Unfortunately, it rained a lot, but we still had fun.

I posted my planned workouts on my Facebook page. If you like, share yours there, too.

Questions: What’s on your menu this week? What was the highlight of your weekend? 

Be well,


  1. I love simple pizzas, especially when they have mushrooms as a topping (my favorite pizza topping). I love that you used the extra crust dough for rolls, so smart!
    On the menu for us this week is lots of leftovers from the weekend.

  2. I think I need to give that pizza dough a second chance. I tried it a couple of years back and wasn't happy with the texture, but everyone else raves about it!
    Looking forward to seeing how you prepare your fish tacos. Have a great week, Andrea!

  3. Yay for simple pizza. BOOO for the rain on the lantern parade. Glad it didn't wash away the fun. Have a great week Andrea.

  4. Last night I did steak, mashed potatoes, creamed corn and biscuits for the family...for the two of us this week, it's veg chili, flounder (baked), yams and steamed broc tomorrow, beef tips and rice wed...Thursday and friday are "scrounge dinners!"

  5. @Gina: I love having lots of leftovers! :)
    @Lara: I don't like the dough when it's too thick. Using only about 3/4 of it for a 12 inch pan worked well. Plus, I somehow think the sauteed veggies worked well with it, too.
    @Roz: Yes, it was too bad that it rained so hard during the parade. But it was still fun! Have a great week, too!
    @The Blonde Duck: Your menu sounds wonderful!

  6. I like that Trader Joes pizza dough. The lantern parade is so cute - never heard of that before.

    The weekend highlight was a nice lunch out on Saturday with my hubby.

    I made roasted shrimp for dinner tonight after having made it as an appetizer over the weekend. It's wonderful!

    I plan on making a lentil tomato soup later this week and something with chicken - not sure what yet.

  7. Anonymous11/14/2011

    pizza is really a time saver! I haven't had one for ages, that pic just made me want some.
    highlight of the weekend was a dinner with good friends at our new house.

  8. Love the pics. My boys got to go trick or treating with their cousins. My 5yr old was a pirate his 5yr old was the same pirate only with a knife thru his head.

  9. Anonymous11/15/2011

    greta said...

    wir hatten auch Spaß beim Martinsumzug,Greta hatte
    eine selbstgebastelte Pferdelaterne und Anni so etwas ähnnliches wie Korey,bei uns war es sehr kalt

  10. @Tami: I'll have to check out your roasted shrimp recipe!
    @balancejoyanddelicias: Glad you are enjoying your new house!!!
    @FitnessSurfer: Sounds like you had a fun time trick-or-treating!
    @Greta: Schoen dass Ihr Spass hattet!

  11. That pizza looks great! I had a nice meal plan all set out for the week, but then I got the flu Sunday night and now things are thrown off! I'm shifting some meals here and there, but some night's I might be winging it. C'est la vie! :)

  12. Homemade pizza are the best...I have yet to try Trader Joe's pizza dough.
    Hope you are having a wonderul week Andrea :-)

  13. It's been ages since I've said hi...just popping over to see what you've been up to :)

  14. I LOVE TJ's whole wheat crust. They make one mean pizza dough, that's for sure!

  15. @Krista: So sorry you are sick. Get well soon!
    @Juliana: Have a great week, too!
    @Averie: Thanks for stopping by! Hope you are doing well!
    @Nicole: Yes, it's good and so easy! :)

  16. My family loves TJs whole wheat pizza crust!

  17. Anonymous11/16/2011

    Pizza is such a quick and easy meal and so cheap when you buy the ingredients yourself!! I love that you do a CSA also! My meals this week are pulled pork (recipe is on my blog, so delish!), veggie soup using my CSA items this week, and a baked chicken.

  18. Your pizza sounds great, with onions and mushrooms and the cheeses! I like simple Margarita pizza too, with tomatoes, mozzarella and basil, easy to make and tastes good.

  19. Love the meals you have planned for the week!
    Pizza is always a crowd pleaser! I swear, I could pizza every week! :)

  20. Anonymous11/16/2011

    Those toppings are my favorite! Onions + mushrooms = belly love.

    Hehe, I'm not even a bread person, but the first pizza I had that wasn't Dominos was Chicago deep yeah, crust me up! I think it was less the taste and more the mouthfeel.

    Since I'm going home for Thanksgiving (and later Xmas) I'm cleaning out my larder. I have a bag of sweet potatoes to go through! Damn those Costco runs and 99C frozen veggie specials -- but when the zombie outbreak happens, I WILL be prepared!

  21. I love the Trader Joe's's always a huge hit at my house too!

  22. @Jenn: Hope you are having a blast wherever you are right now! :)
    @fitness4looks: The pulled pork sounds delicious! I'll have to check it out!
    @SimpleRecipesandCookingTools: Yes, Margarita is one of our favorites!
    @Kristen: I think my family could eat it every week, too! :)
    @damnthefreshman15: Glad you get to go home for Thanksgiving and Xmas!!! Have a great time!
    @BakingSerendipity: And it's so great that it's so easy... :)

  23. While I love making pizza dough from scratch, the .99 cent TJ's dough is nice to have in a pinch!

    The toddler looks so cute - sucks that it rained!

  24. Mmm pizza! We need to make our own again sometime. I usually do my dough in the bread machine, but I haven't used it since we moved. Even my husband commented on that the other day. This weekend I may get a chance to go horseback riding, but it depends on the person taking up to nearby Japanese farm since she knows where it is located. We have to unpack and assemble some new furniture this weekend, which is awesome. Also, we are going to fight night on the base tonight. It should be good.

  25. Yummy pizza! I wish my kids liked mushrooms since my husband and I loved them, but they're easy enough to take off. I've been ice this week and my husbands been working long hours so dinners have been take out and leftovers. Hopefully we'll get back on track next week!

  26. I haven't seen pizza dough at Trader Joes. I'm going to have to ask them where it is. I'm a thin crust girl myself.

  27. @Biz: Yes, making your own is the best. But sometimes you can't beat the convenience... :)
    @Melinda: Sounds like a fun weekend!
    @EA: My older son didn't like mushrooms for a long time, and I always ended up with double the mushrooms, which I loved! :)
    @Mother Rimmy: It's in between the cheese and the prepared salads/sandwiches in my TJ's.

  28. Anonymous11/18/2011

    Love the idea of using the leftover pizza dough to make rolls with different flavors!

  29. i just had homemade pizza last night, too. so good. this week i will be eating soup and bread prior to tgiving!

  30. I have a new pizza on my menu this week - I LOVE homemade pizza! And i'm with you - always goes over well!!

  31. @5 Star Foodie: Yes, I can't wait to experiment! :)
    @Emily: Soup and bread is one of my favorites!
    @fittingbackin: Looking forward to seeing your new pizza!