Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Easy Dinner and a New Hobby

Dinners have been really easy, and a bit strange, lately. We got a head of cauliflower in our CSA box, and I decided to smash it up. I also pulled some wild frozen salmon from the freezer and defrosted it. Then I simply grilled it and seasoned it with lemon juice, dried dill, salt, and pepper. For a splash of color, I served the fish and cauliflower with some red beets. I had bought the beets already cooked at Trader Joe’s. I simply cut the whole beets into slices and marinated them for about 15 minutes in vinegar, salt, and pepper. A quick and tasty dinner.

Hubby started taking guitar lessons several weeks ago, and the toddler has been fascinated by hubby’s guitar. To “save” hubby’s guitar, we decided to get the toddler his own small guitar. He loves playing it. And hubby loves teaching him!

Questions: What are some of your recent easy dinners? What are your hobbies? Have you recently taken up any new hobbies?

Be well,