Thursday, August 3, 2017

Sentence a Day: July 2017

I first joined Sarah and Leslie in writing one sentence a day in January, and this is my seventh sentence-a-day post. You can read my January sentences here, my February sentences here, my March sentences here, my April sentences here, my May sentences here, and my June sentences here.

Overall, July was a very good month! We got to spend a week at the beach, I was off from teaching, and Andy only had to teach an online class. Unfortunately, there were also some costly and unplanned (in addition to some planned) home repairs that had to be taken care of.

July 1, 2017
We went out to lunch at Lazy Dog and ran lots of errands afterwards.
July 2, 2017
My MIL and FIL came over for a BBQ to celebrate my MIL's birthday.

July 3, 2017
We went to Great America for a few hours, but sadly Andy's back didn't feel all that good after going on a roller coaster.

July 4, 2017
We went to the track and jogged/ran; we all realized that we are a bit out of shape...

July 5, 2017
The kid and I had dentist appointments in the morning, and then we went on a long and strenuous afternoon hike.

July 6, 2017
We spent pretty much all day getting ready for our trip.

July 7, 2017
We drove to Avila Beach and were in vacation mode as soon as we arrived.

July 8, 2017
We started the day with a 1.5 mile walk to the fish shop on the pier and then spent some time at the beach.

July 9, 2017
Got up at 4 a.m. and made the 3-hour drive to Universal Studios; it was an exhausting but fun day!

July 10, 2017
We spent the morning at the pool and in the hot tub and went on a long beach walk in the afternoon.

July 11, 2017
Perfect day: wine tasting (for me), beer tasting (for Andy), and another long walk on the beach.

July 12, 2017
We went to the beach again; the kid loved being buried in the sand.

July 13, 2017
It was a cooler day today, and we explored San Luis Obispo and had lunch again at Libertine Brewing Company.

July 14, 2017
Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to Avila Beach and make the drive back home, but we stopped at a few breweries on the way which made the drive more fun, especially for Andy who did the drinking (and I the driving).

July 15, 2017
The day consisted mainly of chores like laundry, grocery shopping and cleaning, but in the evening we were invited to our friends' house for dinner, which was very nice.

July 16, 2017
It was a very hot day, and we went for a hike in the afternoon; unfortunately, it was still very, very hot.

July 17, 2017
Our water heater started leaking suddenly and a LOT; luckily, we were able to get it replaced the same day, but it cost $1,400 for labor and a new water heater... Ouch.

July 18, 2017
We went to California's Great America for a few hours in the morning as we had to be home because the "water heater guy" had to finish up some work in the afternoon.

July 19, 2017
I went for an early morning hike with a good friend I don't see often enough, and then it was another home improvement day: consultation with an electrician (it's going to be expensive but must be fixed) followed by dry wall repair from the previous water damage (the damage is much worse than previously thought and also very, very expensive).

July 20, 2017
More dry wall repairs...

July 21, 2017
I went to a 6 a.m barre class to catch up on my barre and yoga class summer bucket list goal; later in the day we went on a hilly hike.

July 22, 2017
We spent a relaxing morning at our wine club's pickup party and went on a long walk in the afternoon.

July 23, 2017
I started the day with a barre class, and then we celebrated the older kid's birthday; I can't believe I've been a mom for 26 years!

July 24, 2017
The electrician was supposed to come bright and early, but he forgot; the highlight of my day was meeting up with Dawn from Fashion Should be Fun and Lynn at Santana Row.

July 25, 2017
I met another San Jose blogger, Prerna from Prerna High on Chai, for lunch (strangely we didn't take any photos...); in the afternoon, after the electrician left, we went on a hike.

July 26, 2017
We went to Great America and went on a bunch of water rides right when they opened; then we hung out in the shade for a few hours and read.

July 27, 2017 
I started the day with a barre class, and then we took the kid and one of his friends to the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

July 28, 2017
The electrician was back to do more work, and we ran a bunch of errands.

July 29, 2017
We went to the Ciderwalk in Willow Glen in the early afternoon and to a fabulous "Taste of Summer" dinner at Whole Foods Market in Santa Clara in the evening where we learned where many of the ingredients that went into the dinner came from - a truly tasty and inspirational evening!

July 30, 2017
I started the day with a tough barre class - I'm really proud that I have been keeping up with my barre classes, and my lower back is thanking me...

July 31, 2017
I started the day with another barre class, and then the kid and I went on a hike.


Question: What were your highlights in July? Are you going to join us this month and write one sentence a day? There is still time to catch up and write one sentence a day for each day in August.  It’s lots of fun to look back at the month; I promise.

Be well,