Sunday, March 5, 2017

How to Dress Up Jeans and a Cardigan

Jeans and a cardigan make a basic outfit - an outfit that can easily be boring. However, if you dress it up with the right accessories, you can go from boring to more interesting.

Jeans and Cardigan 1

The jeans* I am wearing are a very light wash. I usually don’t wear jeans in that wash as a darker wash is often more flattering and versatile because darker jeans can even work in many work situations or for dressier events. But I wanted to add some lighter colored jeans to my wardrobe as I thought they would be a nice change for spring. Plus, they are really, really comfortable.

Jeans and Cardigan 2

Dressing Up Jeans and a Cardigan with Accessories

With the light wash jeans I wore a black turtleneck and a long black cardigan. Without any accessories, the outfit was basic and a bit boring. To add some interest I added my multi-strand faux pearls. I always like white pearls against a dark sweater.

Bacon and Beer Classic 6

I also wore my rose gold flats. They were an unexpected find at Banana Republic in the fall (I believe they were reduced from $100+ to less than $20), and I haven’t had a chance to wear them much yet.

Jeans and Cardigan 3

Rosegold Flats
Finally, I carried a statement bag. The bag is Gabs, an Italian brand that’s very popular in Europe. I bought a green Gabs bag when we visited Germany in the summer. This one is a Christmas gift from my sister. 

Jeans and Cardigan 4
Outfit Details*: Jeans*, Long Cardigan*, Flats (similar splurge*), Gabs handbag (I like this*, this*, and this*).

I think the accessories took the outfit from basic and a bit boring to interesting.
Bacon and Beer Classic at Levi’s Stadium

I wore the outfit to the Bacon and Beer Classic at Levi’s Stadium where Andy was a judge.

Bacon and Beer Classic 5

We got to taste some decadent bacon dishes (It was veggies and salads the next day, and I made sure to work out extra hard at the gym…).

Bacon and Beer Classic Bacon
Bacon and Beer Classic Pork Belly Shooters

 We also got to hang out in the VIP area and visit the visiting team’s locker room and media room.

Levi s Stadium VIP Lounge

Jeans and Cardigan 5

Levi s Stadium Visiting Press Room 2Levi s Stadium Visiting Team Press Room

Plus, we snuck into the empty stands and took a photo; apparently, we were not supposed to...

Levi s Stadium 1

Finally, we had some fun on the slide and giant shoe.

Levi s Stadium 5
Levi s Stadium 6

Questions: How do you dress up a “boring" outfit? 

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