Sunday, March 12, 2017

Black and White Coat

Black and white is one of my favorite combinations. I have quite a few black and white pieces in my closet and love how easily they can be combined to create new looks. In fact, my travel wardrobe last summer was predominantly black and white with some blue and green accent pieces. The black and white pieces worked out great as I mixed and matched them, and the accent pieces kept things interesting.

While we were in Germany in July, there were already a lot of end-of-season sales going on with multiple price reductions on some pieces, and one of the heavily-reduced pieces I picked up was a lightweight black and white coat. I also bought a matching dress in another store a few days later; you’ll see the dress in an upcoming post.
Black and White Outfit 1

I like the black and white geometrical pattern of the coat. The day we took these photos it was very windy; hence the weird position of my hands in the next photo...

Black and White Outfit 2

I decided to wear white jeans, a black blouse and my silver lace-up flats. 

Black and White Outfit 3
Black and White Outfit 4
Black and White Outfit 5
Black and White Outfit 6
 Outfit Details*: White jeans, black/white coat (I like this one), black tunic (similar), silver lace-up flats (similar).

Questions: Do you like black and white together? What are your favorite color combos?  

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