Sunday, August 28, 2016

Black and White Tunic

Signature Look

I have said before that a tunic and leggings is one of my signature looks. Since it’s still warm, I’m wearing my tunic with my capri leggings but I’m planning on wearing it with my regular leggings in the fall. The black/white tunic I’m wearing here is another early birthday present I received in Germany. Yes, I did get a lot of birthday presents!

Black White Tunic 1
Black White Tunic 2

I like that it is made of black/white and white/black fabric (it took me a moment to figure this out…). I think the two fabrics make for a more interesting look. 

Black White Tunic 3

Transitioning a Tunic into Fall

I wore the tunic with a thin, black cardigan in the evening when it got a bit cool. I can also see myself wearing it with a denim jacket - white or blue. The tunic would also work over white or black skinny jeans with some cute boots, which have been on my “list” of items to get for a long time.  

Black White Tunic 6

Silver Lace-Up Flats

I also wore my silver lace-up flats that I got for 50% off the sale price (which was already very low) at Banana Republic. I had wanted to get some lace-up flats for a long time, but I wasn’t sure what color to get. I also have been eyeing different silver shoes for a while. So when I saw these lace-ups, I found the best of both worlds.

I found the flats when I went shopping with my older son for his birthday. He commented they were so cheap, it was okay if I wore them only once. I told him that no, that would not be okay. Because if I only wore them once they wouldn't be a bargain, and I wouldn’t choose to buy them. The flats are comfortable, and I know I will wear them a lot this fall. I hope that the cost per wear will be only pennies, and that I get lots of wears out of them... 

Black White Tunic 7

Questions: Do you like wearing tunics? What are your signature looks?  

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