Thursday, September 1, 2016

Stylish and Comfortable Flats

I seriously injured my right ankle when I was 16 and despite a lengthy and complicated surgery, the ankle has never been the same. I probably also didn’t help matters when I went skiing four months after the surgery and insisted it was “fine.” My surgeon had said I would know when I could ski again. Let’s just say my judgement wasn’t all that great at 16!

So all my life, I had to wear mainly flats. I can sometimes get away with a wedge or a block heel, but only for short amounts of time. Saying that I have serious shoe envy when I see fabulous heels would be an understatement. BUT, flats can be stylish in their own way, and I have learned to live in flats.

Flat Shoes can be Stylish

Here is a collection of my current favorite flats. I haven’t worn the brown ones since last fall and am looking forward to wearing them again soon.

Flat Shoes 1
Flat Shoes 2

Because it’s not that easy to find flats I like, I’m ALWAYS on the lookout for stylish and comfortable flats (flats - stylish or not - are not automatically comfortable of course!). I just ordered some pale gold flats from Banana Republic. They are on sale and an additional 40% off. The sale price came out to less than $30, and I was able to apply my $15 birthday coupon AND a $10 off coupon. I read online that they are running small, so I went 1/2 size up. Fingers crossed that they are comfortable and fit!

Flat Shoes for Fall

Here are some flats that I wouldn’t mind adding to my collection:

Questions: Do you wear heels or flats? If both, which ones do you prefer? What are your current favorite shoes?

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