Sunday, August 7, 2016

Summer Poncho and Würzburg

Summer Poncho to Stay Cool

While we were in Germany, the weather ranged from cool, rainy and windy to hot and humid. One of the pieces of clothing I bought while there, was a summer poncho, made of a thin, “cool” material (I looked for the tag with the material, but I think I cut it off, and I have no idea what it said - which also means I have no idea what the washing recommendations are!). The poncho became my go-to piece during the hottest days. It kept me so much cooler than just a tee or tank and provided some protection from the sun on those sunny days.

The photos were taken in Würzburg, and the castle in the background is the Fortress Marienberg, a medieval castle that’s fun to walk up to and explore. Würzburg is also the starting point of the Romantic Road and is quite popular with tourists. In addition to the old fortress on the hill, there is also the Residence, a Baroque/Rococo palace downtown with famous frescoes by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo. Besides being easily reached by car or train, Würzburg is also a stop for many river cruises, including possible day trips to Rothenburg. I’m very intrigued by many of the European river cruises and hope to go on one some day. 

Most of the town center is closed off to cars, which makes exploring the city very enjoyable.

Summer Poncho

We also enjoyed a nice lunch right by the Main river with a beautiful view of the river and the Fortress Marienberg.

Summer ponchos I love: Chico's linen poncho (on major sale), sheer fringe poncho, Vince Camuto poncho blouse

Questions: Do you own a summer poncho? If so, how do you like it? 

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