Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Surprise Dinner

On Valentine’s Day I surprised hubby and the toddler with a dinner they had been asking for for a while (I purposefully left it off our meal plan so it would be a surprise…):

Spaghetti with grass-fed beef sauce with lots of carrots and celery

spaghetti 01
and garlic cheese bread.

garlic cheese bread
There also was a salad that didn’t get photographed.

They both were very happy and surprised! Smile

Today’s dinner was as planned:

Veggie soup with carrots, celery, edamame, tofu, eggs, and half a leftover chicken breast (the chicken was not planned but was leftover from the chicken salad I made for lunch, so I decided to use it).

chicken tofu veggie soup
It’s funny how different food makes different people happy. I much preferred today’s dinner…

Questions: What was the last time someone surprised you with food? What was it? When did you last surprise someone with food?

Be well,