Thursday, July 8, 2010

Spontaneous Summer Getaway

Sorry for having been absent for a while… After finishing up quite a bit of work at the end of the quarter, we decided to take a short, spontaneous vacation and visited my brother-in-law in San Diego for a few days. We also stopped in Santa Barbara on the way. Here are a few photos of some of the fun…

San Diego July 10 069 San Diego July 10 148
San Diego July 10 145 San Diego July 10 138 San Diego July 10 132 San Diego July 10 162
San Diego July 10 233 San Diego July 10 242

San Diego July 10 303 San Diego July 10 344
San Diego July 10 378 San Diego July 10 387

San Diego July 10 408 San Diego July 10 419
San Diego July 10 491 San Diego July 10 533
San Diego July 10 561 San Diego July 10 573
San Diego July 10 599 San Diego July 10 617
San Diego July 10 623 San Diego July 10 644

I can’t wait to catch up on blogs and find out what everyone has been up to. In the meantime, what’s your favorite summer memory so far? What’s your favorite food right now? My favorite memory so far is swimming every day in San Diego, and I love cherries right now…

Be well,


  1. Looks like a great trip! my favorite is kayaking to see the fireworks with friends! :)

  2. Welcome back Andrea! I miss your posts when you're not around :) I also miss your son's precious face. These pictures are fabulous, and I'm glad you got to get out of town with the family and have a nice and relaxing getaway. I'm trying to turn this time in Pittsburgh (work training) into a mini vacation, as much as possible.

    Favorite summer food: Berries
    Favorite memory: Our house-warming/fireworks party!

  3. I was just thinking about you today! Glad to
    see you!

    My favorite food right now: Ezekiel english muffins!

  4. glad you got a wonderful getaway - san diego is lovely!

  5. Looks like fun :) I haven't been to San Diego OR Santa Barbara.

    My favorite food right now - grilled cheese!

  6. Looks like fun :) I haven't been to San Diego OR Santa Barbara.

    My favorite food right now - grilled cheese!

  7. What a blast! Getaways are FUN! So far I'm just enjoying the heat and being able to sit out on my deck until late at night. And I've been eating lots of raspberries!!

  8. Fun!!! Spontaneous vacations are always good :)


  9. Spontaneous trips are all the best. I like to take them when I can. Relieves the stresses of life. :) Glad your and your family had a good time.

  10. Looks like you guys had a great getaway!

  11. Anonymous7/09/2010

    That looks like a great trip. I love San Diego! Fav. summer memory right now would be picking cherries with my hubby and having a BBQ at my house for my hubby's youth group.

  12. Great idea to take that trip.The pics look great, seems you've had a lot of fun.

    My favorite food right now is also cherries but also peaches and strawberries.

  13. I'm so glad you took this trip, and I can't wait to hear more about it. The pictures are gorgeous, it looks like a dream vacation!

    My favorite food right now is berries of all sorts...I am totally obsessed!

  14. LOVE all your pics! Everyone needs a vacation every now and then! My favorite summer memory would have to be all the memories that were made during our wedding and honeymoon in St Lucia!

  15. Did you hit La Super Rica in Santa Barbara -- the late-Julia Child's fave taco joint? Oooh, love that hole-in-the-wall. Great tamales, too.