Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New Kitchen Toy

I don’t own a lot of kitchen tools, gadgets, and appliances – mainly because my kitchen just isn’t very big. Plus, experience has taught me that oftentimes a gadget seems much more useful in the store than it actually ends up being in your own home… So over the years I have learned to admire beautiful espresso makers, shiny mixers, and sharp mandolins in the exclusive home goods stores I like to stroll through on date night (yes, hubby is lucky!), but I’ve learned to leave them there (yes, it sometimes takes a lot of willpower!).
However, one item has been on my wish list for a long time: a spiralizer. And a few weeks ago, I finally fulfilled my wish and ordered one on Amazon. It arrived a while ago, but it didn’t make it out of its box until yesterday since I wanted to make something “special.” That is, I wanted to be prepared and create a “masterpiece" with it. However, in the end, I decided to just stick to something simple… Simple, yet good.
Here is my new toy in its box.

I decided to “attack” some zucchini with it. (I only spiralized three of them.)

I tried out all three blades.


The last one – the “spaghetti shape” – is my favorite one.

And here is my plate of zucchini “pasta.”

Well, I already told you that I kept things simple. Instead of getting creative, I simply dressed the “pasta” with some of TJ’s Spicy Peanut Vinaigrette.

I really enjoyed this dish. Very fresh, quick, and simple.

And clean up was quick and easy, too! I’m really glad I finally used my new toy. Can’t wait to experiment more with it. I may even get creative…

Questions: What’s your favorite kitchen tool, gadget or appliance? What’s on your wish list? What’s the last tool/gadget/appliance that you bought or received as a gift? How do you like it?
Be well,