Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lunch Instead of a Workout

Yesterday, I had planned to work out during lunch. However, as lunch time approached, I really wanted to meet hubby and the toddler for lunch instead. So I made the decision to forgo my workout and meet them for lunch. And we had a great time! I hadn’t had a rest day for almost a week, so I didn’t feel guilty… :) And I knew I would work out first thing today. (And I did!)

The toddler insists on sitting on a “regular chair” these days, without a booster seat. That’s why you can barely see him… :)

Hubby and the toddler shared a Shirley Temple. The toddler loved the cherries! :) We usually only get water, so this was a very special treat... :) 

The toddler made sure he got enough carbs by eating bread and his pizza…

Hubby got a burger and onion rings. I had a few bites… :)

And I got the Salad Nicoise, which I loved! 

We had a great lunch and really enjoyed our time together.

Question: Do you take enough rest days? I used to not take enough rest days and used to be VERY determined to not miss workouts. And, maybe, when I first got back into a regular exercise routine that was a good thing. However, since I’ve relaxed a bit when it comes to working out, I feel much better emotionally and physically. And my weak ankle really appreciates the rest…

Be well,