Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekly Meals (May 19 - May 22)

Here are the meals I have planned for this week. The items in green are from the Farmers' Market:

Tuesday: Chicken Masala (I'll be trying out a new simmer sauce from Trader Joe's. We really like the curry simmer sauce, so hopefully we'll like this one as well), brown rice, asparagus.
Wednesday: Whole grain pasta with sauteed garlic, onions, carrots & mushrooms & a bit of tomato sauce; salad with tomatoes & avocado.
Thursday: Tilapia with lots of lemon juice, brown rice, & a radish salad.
Friday: Summer Salad - I'll use the onions and tomatoes from the Farmers' Market. Maybe we'll have some of the cheddar cheese left. And hopefully we'll have some freshly baked bread. :o)

Do you have any meals planned for this week? If so, please share... :o)

Be well,