Monday, April 13, 2009

Focus on Health

Well, yesterday's gallstone episode and today's doctor's appointment reminded me of the importance of living the healthiest life possible. I am having numerous blood tests and an ultrasound done over the course of the next week and will probably meet with a surgeon some time soon. In the meantime, here are my goals for the near future:
  • Work out every day but be kind to your body and listen to your body - in fact, I felt some pain in my abdomen on Saturday while I was working out at the gym. However, instead of being kind to my body I insisted on pushing through "whatever" I felt.
  • Eat healthy foods - well, now I also have to take my gallstones into account. I probably should have considered them before... :)
  • Be positive - instead of focusing on all the "what ifs" and on what could go wrong, I should focus on how much better my life will be without these episodes and without the fear of these episodes
Well, life is a journey, and if you open your eyes and your mind, you can learn something and grow every day! As a dear friend of mine frequently reminds me "things happen for a reason."

Be well,


  1. Good luck with this surgery process.

    And I'm all for getting some exercise everyday, but don't forget to rest when you need to! Recovery days are just important as the workout days. have a great tuesday!

  2. Perfect goals. I love how you included being positive!