Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Being Kind to Myself

I felt much better yesterday, and I was SOOOO thankful that I wasn't in pain! Are my gallstones maybe little reminders not to take things - like my health - for granted?

While I didn't have any pain yesterday, I was still very tired. I got most of the blood test results back and my liver is inflamed - not unusual when you have gallstones. Later this week I will have more blood tests to make sure the liver inflammation is getting better, and I will also have an ultrasound to see how all these gallstones are doing. Two years ago there were many small sized stones. My doctor said, "Hopefully, they didn't decide to get together." I hope not...

While I just felt like vegging out at home, the very active toddler made it very clear, starting at 5:30 a.m. when he got up, that he needed some exercise. I took him to the gym to give him a chance to play with his friends.

I worked out too but took it easy. While I know that I should ALWAYS listen to my body, I often push myself when I probably shouldn't (like on Saturday when I dismissed the pain in my abdomen.) But yesterday, I was very kind to myself, and I felt good about it (and not guilty for not working out "hard enough" like I sometimes do.) I did some light weights, stretched and did 20 minutes of light cardio. Moving a bit was a good feeling, especially since the gallstone PAIN WAS GONE!!!!!

Be well,