Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Who Can Eat Just One Chip?

Isn't there a famous commercial for chips that implies that no one can eat just one? I forgot which chip it is for or what it exactly says, but I think it's true!!! I ended up eating way too many chips today. Tortilla chips to be exact. First I ate some with spicy, fresh salsa. Then I ate more with spicy bean dip. How many did I eat? I have no idea (once again) because I didn't bother to pay attention... I just kept eating because they tasted so good. And soon the bag was almost empty (luckily my husband and son had had their share yesterday. So at least I didn't eat the entire bag).

Portion Control Action Plan (Take 2999)
It would have been a much better idea to take a few chips out of the bag, after confirming the number of chips in one serving on the bag, and eating only that number and then stopping. Well, there is always tomorrow... :)

Be well,