Sunday, March 22, 2009

Should I Hire a Personal Trainer?

Benefits of Regular Exercise
I have been working out for many years and at this point in my life I am in pretty good shape (for someone my age...:o). I have been able to control my high blood pressure through regular and increased exercise, which has been a huge accomplishment. The health benefits, both physical and mental, are the reason I exercise so consistently. Exercise is my medicine in more ways than one.

My Current Routine
My current routine consists of the elliptical machine for about 45 minutes and lifting a decent amount of weight with both my upper and lower body. My core is decent, and I have been working more on my flexibility (thanks to my hubby who has been stretching like crazy - sometimes I think he spends so much time stretching to avoid the "real" workout...:o).

What the Trainers Do
But when I am at the gym, I always see all these trainers around me, pushing their clients, making them do exercises I have never seen before. I, on the other hand, do pretty much the same thing every time I go to the gym, which is almost every day. I alternate exercises of course, focusing on cardio one day and strength training the next. I also try to incorporate new moves and machines into my routine once in a while; actually, to be honest, I haven't done this for a LONG while...

My Concerns
So I have been wondering whether I should hire a personal trainer to shake up my routine a bit. I have never hired a personal trainer before, and I am a bit scared. What if the trainer figures out that my core really isn't that strong? What if he/she notices some areas of my body I have been neglecting? What if he/she makes me work really hard? Well, I guess my concerns are exactly the reasons I should hire a trainer!

"Ulterior" Motives?
Now, my hubby may think my "sudden" interest in personal training is due to the new, hot trainer at our gym. But that's not entirely true; I have been thinking about hiring a personal trainer for a while. Honest.

Well, we'll see what I decide.

Be well,