Saturday, March 28, 2009

Energizing Nature Hike

As planned, hubby and I went for a challenging hike yesterday. It was so beautiful! A good part of the hike is uphill, and it was nice to notice that the hours at the gym have paid off. The uphill sections of the hike, which have been quite difficult in the past, didn't seem so bad at all! I was really proud of myself.

The best part of the hike was however being out in nature. I was a beautiful day, and hubby and I also had a chance to catch up. The hike really helped our bodies and souls... :) I wish we could go for another hike today, but baby is sick, so probably not...:(

Even though we may not be able to get a hike in today, we'll definitely try to get outside today. Even just walking around the neighborhood several times a day makes me feel so good. I think switching up my exercise routine by doing more cardio outside will really motivate me to get to the next level! And to get out of my rut...

Be well,