Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Summer Bucket List

I'm still finishing up the spring quarter and can't wait for summer vacation to start in a few weeks! Especially since most of my teaching friends have been off for weeks...

I'm excited to join Leslie, who also introduced me to writing one Sentence a Day, in writing a summer bucket list.

My bucket list is pretty modest with only ten items, but many of them are weekly items. It's about making time for simple things and being grateful for them and enjoying them to the fullest.

2017 Summer Bucket List

1. Make at least five day trips to the beach.
2. Read three fun books.
3. Go to the farmers' market at least once a week.
4. Go on one hike per week.
5. Take two barre and/or yoga classes per week.
6. Sleep in at least once per week.
7. Barbecue at least once per week.
8. Spend time in the patio every day.
9. Swim at least four times per week.
10. Make good use of our Great America and Monterey Bay Aquarium season passes.  

Write your own summer bucket list and link up your post here: 

Question: What's on your summer bucket list? 

Be well,