Friday, December 10, 2010

Veggies and Fries

I believe in balance. And to balance out all the veggies we have been getting in our CSA box,

we ate some free fries at Wendy’s. I received two $10 gift cards through the Foodbuzz Tastemaker program to try out Wendy’s new fries. I honestly don’t think I had ever eaten at Wendy’s before, and I was kind of curious. I love fries (but don’t eat them very often). I especially love fries drenched in lots and lots and lots of ketchup. Yes, there may have to be a ketchup intervention at some point…. But now on to the fries.

What I noticed first was that the fries were not salty at all. I used to LOVE salty foods, but since I cut way back on my salt consumption for health reasons, I am often turned off by the saltiness of food. I loved that the fries were not too salty.

I also used to like only very, very crunchy fries (in complete contrast to hubby who loves soggy, yes soggy, fries). These fries were not very crunchy, but I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked them! They tasted “real.” And hubby said that they were the best fast food fries he’s ever had (and he used to eat a LOT of fries…).

Since I  received two $10 gift cards from Wendy’s through the Tastemaker Program and I haven’t done a giveaway in forever, I’m giving the second $10 gift card away to one of my readers who would like to try the fries (or anything else) at Wendy’s. (Sorry, U.S. residents only.)

How to Enter: Just leave my a comment and let me know what type of fries you prefer: Crunchy or soggy? Salty or non-salty? Lots of ketchup? A little? None (I don’t understand you!!!)? Anything else we should know about you and your fries eating habits? Entertain us! Smile

I will randomly pick a winner on Monday, December 13, 2010 at 9:00 p.m. PST. I’ll try to dig out my old, pink hat and enlist the help of the toddler…

My “baby” doesn’t look at all like this anymore… He is growing up sooo fast!Sad smile

Be well,


  1. We tried some last week and it may have been a "bad" day but we weren't impressed. Ours were served kinda cold. Maybe we will have to try them again.

  2. salty, cirspy fries dipped in ketchup! mmmm!

  3. oh my gosh, he is too cute!

  4. I just posted a comment on your hubby's blog (he said he liked that they WEREN'T soggy, btw !) but I think it didn't post, so I wrote another comment...bu tit didn't post, so hopefully he doesn't think I'm crazy if he sees both back-to-back comments!

    I live really close to the WEndy's headquarters and I get to do sensory testing at the research center sometimes, it's fun! I was also given a gift card to test their 2 for $4 deal, which was pretty neat. I haven't tried the fries yet, but I like my fries on the crunchy sides, not too thin like straws, but not too thick like wedges. I like lots of ketchup!!! Yeah, i know, but, but I love it!

  5. Thanks for the comments, Gina. They're both posted now. :)

  6. WOW - I had no idea they were redoing them! I've never liked their fries - too fat and salty to me. I prefer shoe strings - crunchy ones, with a little bit of spice! Great giveaway!

  7. Probably a good thing I can't win the french fry money right now.

    So in my town, we have french fry trucks. The most famous one is an actual permanent structure now. But it still looks like a truck. Anyway, they make, bar none, the best french fries in the world. Maybe the universe. These are what I eat when I really want to indulge. I order a medium with LOT of vinegar and salt. NO KETCHUP. Never ever ketchup! ;) And I eat every one. By the time I get to the bottom of the little mini bucket, the fries are swimming in vinegar. I eat everyone and then.... are you ready for this????.... I drink the vinegar.

    Okay, officially weirdest girl you know, right?

  8. I've haven't tried their new fries, but I do love fries dipped in frostys :)

  9. Love the CSA and fries. Totally something I'd do!! My favorite fries are from red robin dipped in ranch. And this is totally secret ;-) but I like McDonalds fries dipped in tatar sauce.

    Btw that picture of you is adorable...your hair is so cute!

  10. Anonymous12/12/2010

    I love crunchy fries and I also have a ketchup problem. I love lots of ketchup. And sometimes I dip my fries in a mix of ketchup and mayo. But my husband thinks that's kind of gross. ;)

  11. I *just* saw a commercial for Wendy's new fries. Haven't had fast food fries in ages!