Sunday, May 7, 2017

Graphic Tee, San Francisco Presidio, Walt Disney Family Museum

Visiting the Presidio in San Francisco 

A few weekends ago we visited the Presidio in San Francisco to attend the Cider Summit. It was a relatively cool day, and I wore a graphic tee with a matching scarf; I bought the tee and the scarf in Germany last summer but had never worn them. I added my long black cardigan, comfortable jeans and flats as we were walking on grass (last year I wore sandals with a low heel, and they didn’t work out all too well on the grass, which is very uneven with many holes, etc.).

When I bought the t-shirt and scarf, the sales associate wanted to sell me a matching grey cardigan. I ended up not buying it as it was quite pricy. But looking back, I realize that it was the perfect grey to go with the t-shirt and scarf. It also was great quality, and I know I would have worn it for many years. I hope I’ll find a similar one soon.

There are great views everywhere in the Presidio.

SF Presidio 1

The building on the right in the background houses the Walt Disney Family Museum, which we visited later in the day.

SF Presidio 2

I love all the pretty buildings and doors in the Presidio.

SF Presidio 3

We had to get a shot with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background.

SF Presidio 4

There are several cannons on display.

SF Presidio 5

The lawn in the Presidio is a beautiful place for the Cider Summit.

SF Presidio 6

Having some fun getting cider.

SF Presidio 7

Visiting the Walt Disney Family Museum

This was the third year that we went to the Cider Summit in the Presidio, and every year we say we should really visit the Walt Disney Family Museum, which is right there. This year we decided to keep our visit to the Cider Summit short and headed to the museum after about an hour and a half.

Andy had done some research online and was concerned that we didn’t have enough time to see everything. The online reviews that state that you can spend an entire day or more at the museum are correct. There is so much to see. However, a couple of hours were enough for us to get an overview, especially since the kid didn’t feel all that well toward the end of the day.

The museum is a true treasure-trove of all things Disney, from the very beginning to the present day. I would like to go back some day and do it all justice. We saw a lot but could have spent many more hours reading and looking at all the interesting exhibits. While younger children will enjoy the drawings and movies, older children who are interested in reading the many descriptions and details will probably get more out of visiting the museum.
The Walt Disney Family Museum 1
The Walt Disney Family Museum 2
The Walt Disney Family Museum 3
The Walt Disney Family Museum 4
The Walt Disney Family Museum 5

The kid wasn’t feeling all that well at this point.

The Walt Disney Family Museum 6 
There is a nice view of the Golden Gate Bridge from inside the museum.

The Walt Disney Family Museum 7
The Walt Disney Museum 8
Questions: Did you ever decide not to buy something and then regret it? If so, what was it? What was the last museum that you visited? 

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