Friday, April 29, 2016

Activated Charcoal Soap from 23 Soap Company

The kid has sensitive skin and has been dealing with bouts of eczema on and off over the past four or five years. Luckily, his skin usually clears up quickly.

However, in December he had another flare up, and that flare up did not clear up like the ones in the past. We used prescription medicine but didn’t get the results we had in the past.

Activated Charcoal Soap to Improve Eczema

In early March we had finished shopping at the Campbell Farmers’ Market and saw a sign from 23 Soap Company that mentioned that its activated charcoal soap may be beneficial for individuals with eczema and other skin conditions. At that point, we had another appointment scheduled with the kid’s dermatologist as we really didn’t want to use the prescription medicine long-term and were ready to try about anything.  

23 Soap Company 1

I literally thought: “Well, what do we have to lose? We may as well try it.” And so we did. The kid used the soap that night in the bathtub, and after his bath his skin was less red and the rash seemed improved, too. We thought that the improvements were probably our imagination… But his skin continued to improve every day until it was completely clear in about three weeks. It was truly like magic.

As a bonus, the soap is pretty, smells really good, and comes beautifully packaged. Andy likes the fact that the soap dries well and doesn’t get “mushy” like typical bar soaps.

23 Soap Company 3

I know that everyone’s skin (and especially eczema) is different, so I can only report on our results. But since the kid’s results were so amazing, I thought I had to share our experience. To learn more about 23 Soap Company, their story, what’s in the soap and information on how to purchase it, visit the 23 Soap Company website. I thought the name of the company was interesting as it is a reminder that our skin can absorb material into our bloodstream in as little as 23 seconds! What you put on your skin really matters!

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Questions: Have you ever heard of activated charcoal soap? If so, have you ever used it? What was your experience? 

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[Disclaimer: As always, all opinions are my own, and I bought the 23 Soap Company soap with my own money and received no compensation to write this post.]