Wednesday, October 28, 2015

What I Wore Wednesday (October 28)

Here a some recent outfits and some thoughts on them.

I never thought I'd like pattern mixing, but I recently started getting really interested in it, probably because I have been seeing it a lot on Instagram and on blogs. And I now really like it and want to do it more and more. I previously paired the striped blouse with a pencil skirt that has a pattern. This time, I paired the vertically striped blouse with my horizontally striped maxi skirt. I really liked the outfit, and it was super comfortable. It was nice to wear the maxi skirt one more time before it gets too cold since I had only worn in once this summer.
Another super comfortable outfit were my dark skinny jeans paired with a red tunic with a long necklace. I felt really good & comfortable all day!  It’s amazing how what you wear can influence your entire day. 
I bought the scarf in the next outfit many weeks ago and couldn’t wait to wear it. In fact, it got quite warm later in the day, so I only got to wear it for a few hours. I brought a cool necklace for the afternoon when I took off the jacket and scarf.   

On Saturday we were busy running errands, going to a beerwalk, and to a birthday party. I was comfortable in skinny jeans, a grey tee, and a long cardigan. The interesting part of the outfit is the turquoise necklace, which I love.


On Sunday, I wore tights & a knit skirt that I got more than five years ago, but I had never worn them. I can actually see myself wearing them a lot! It’s good to take a long hard look at what’s in your closet once in a while! The skirt is a bit shorter than what I normally wear, but the tights are opaque, so I think the length of the skirt works.

Finally, on Monday I wore my Missoni for Target dress again. I previously wore it by itself, but this time I added a turtleneck underneath for warmth.  
Questions: What’s your favorite accessory right now? I still love my necklaces but am getting more and more excited about scarves. I may have to add a new one soon…

Be well,