Saturday, March 28, 2015

Barre3: A Great Barre Workout

I was introduced to barre workouts five years ago through a free barre class at my local Lululemon store. I fell in love pretty much right away. Over the past five years, I have been taking barre classes at various studios in the area. I enjoy seeing how barre classes differ and how different instructors teach the classes. Mixing things up also keeps things interesting for me.

Since barre classes are expensive, I’m always looking for specials. Years ago, I took at least three classes per week. At this point, it’s only once a week, and I purchase specially priced packages a few times a year at a few studios, which makes it more economical.

A new-to-me studio is about to open in Los Altos - barre3. I got to try a free class this past week and enjoyed it a lot. Compared to other barre classes I have taken, there is more movement, and it seemed positions weren’t held for quite as long as in other classes I have taken. The core was worked during different exercises throughout the class, so there also weren’t as many core-only exercises. I loved the pace of the class, and the 60 minutes truly seemed to fly by. Plus, the instructor gave great instructions and clearly showed all exercises in the middle of the room. I definitely got a great workout and was sore the next day and struggled up the steep hills on our hike. I look forward to taking more barre3 classes soon! 

Barre3 Los Altos 
Questions: Have you ever taken a barre class? If so, what did you think? Do you have a favorite barre workout? Do you have a favorite barre exercise? What’s your favorite workout?

Be well,