Monday, September 15, 2014

Mixx in Mountain View: Weekend Food Fun

On Friday, we were invited to have lunch at Mixx in Mountain View during its soft opening.

We went toward the end of the lunch service after we picked up the kid from school.

The meal started with warm bread and butter. The boys were excited since they don’t get to eat a lot of bread at home. Both said it was excellent.

Our appetizers were pork belly sliders, which were served on steamed buns. Since I can’t eat gluten, I didn’t try the bun but liked the slightly sweet sauce on the pork belly and especially the marinated vegetables on top. The kid gave them 10 “thumbs/fingers” up. Smile 

Andy ordered the steak frites, which was served with fries and a salad. I really liked the presentation of the fries in a little wire basket. The fries were served with a homemade ketchup, which was good but quite sweet. 

The kid got the croque madame, a giant grilled cheese and ham sandwich that is served with a poached egg on top. He enjoyed it a lot but couldn’t make a dent in it. The sandwich is definitely big enough to split between two people.

Finally, I got the kale salad. It was well marinated/massaged and had a generous amount of quinoa as well as feta cheese, dried cranberries, nuts, and fresh grapes. I very much enjoyed the kale salad. I like kale a lot, but I think even those who aren’t the biggest kale fans would enjoy this version as it’s well marinated, and the kale taste is therefore quite mild. The serving was huge. Two people could have a nice meal splitting one or two appetizers and the kale salad.

Andy enjoyed a Firestone Walker Union Jack with his meal and was excited that Mixx offers a selection of craft beers on tap as well as in bottles. There are also ciders on the menu as well as specialty cocktails. A big lounge area features big screen TVs as well as numerous games, including a shuffleboard. It looks like a fun place to hang out after work (for those of us who can….). 

Questions: What was the highlight of your weekend? Do you like kale? (Biz, you don’t need to answer this… Winking smile)This is the second kale salad I had in a restaurant in the last few weeks, and I enjoyed them both even though they were completely different. The one I had at Herbivore wasn’t massaged/marinated and the kale flavor came through a lot more. I think the version at Mixx is perfect for those who enjoy a milder kale flavor.

Be well,