Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Vacation and Getting Back to “Normal”

The kid and I got to spend several precious weeks with my family in July, and we are very grateful that we got to see everyone.

While on vacation, I relaxed my “rules” a bit more than I had in the past when I was on vacation – I drank some wine most days, had coffee (decaf as well as regular a few times) almost every day, and didn’t follow my eating window very much. I didn’t go completely “overboard” and made sure to eat plenty of healthy foods, especially lots of veggies.

Here is some of the food I ate. Everything was delicious, and I loved that I didn’t have to cook. While I love to cook, it’s nice to get a break once in a while…

While I enjoyed all the food and “treats” while I was gone, when I came back I definitely noticed that I didn’t feel my best. My digestion was not what it should be, and I had very little energy (jetlag may have had something to do with that, too…). So for the past week or so, I have been trying to “reset” things. Warm lemon water, green smoothies, big salads, walking, and yoga have all helped. And I am feeling more like myself again.

While I’m pretty much back to “normal,” it wasn’t that easy, and I realized that a few weeks with a few too many treats have not only consequences but may be the beginning of “new habits” – habits which I now had to “unlearn” again. The key is definitely not to let those “new habits” stick…

Next time I am on a long vacation, I think I will try to stick to my “rules” a bit more (without being too strict). Not feeling my best just isn’t worth the indulgences… But, it’s also good to know that it is possible to reset everything by doing what I know works for my body.

Questions: What’s your vacation “strategy” when it comes to food? Do you go all out, indulge in moderation, or follow strict rules?
Be well,