Saturday, July 5, 2014

Summer is a Great Time for a Conscious Cleanse

I have done the Conscious Cleanse numerous times – in winter, spring, summer and late fall. There are different benefits of doing the cleanse at different times of the year, such as:
  • starting the new year off the best you can in January
  • welcoming spring by eating fresher foods after a few too many heavier winter meals
  • getting ready for summer in June
  • cleaning things up before the fall and winter holidays so that you can truly enjoy the holiday season, feeling your best.
Click here to read about my experiences doing the Conscious Cleanse as well as numerous cleanse-friendly recipes.

While there are always benefits to cleansing, I have found that summer cleanses are more “natural” for me and are easier for several reasons:
  • When it’s warm, it feels natural to start the day with a big, 32 ounce green smoothie
  • I gravitate more toward raw foods and salads when it’s warm or hot outside
  • Fresh fruits and veggies are at their peak and cheaper than other times of the year
  • While summer food can be very healthy (think fresh fruits and veggies – perfect cleanse foods!), there are also many bbq’s, parties, ice cream and other indulgences that don’t make us feel our best. A cleanse is a great way to focus on the healthy, delicious summer fruits and veggies.
This year Jo and Jules, the founders of the Conscious Cleanse, offer a summer cleanse which starts on August 2. Registration opens today, July 5, and through Sunday, July 13, you can get $25 off the registration fee with code EBCC814. Click here for more information and to register for the Conscious Cleanse

Questions: Do you find it easier to eat healthier in summer? What are some areas of your diet you could “clean up” a bit right now?
Be well,