Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Veggies and the Beach

We spent Spring break at Avila Beach. Unfortunately, it wasn’t very warm, but we still had a great time, especially since my aunt came with us.

We stayed in a place with a kitchen, so we cooked almost all of our meals, which I much prefer to going out to eat. Somehow prepping food and cooking doesn’t feel like work when I am on vacation. Plus, I made sure we ate enough veggies, which can be difficult to do when eating out. Here are some of our meals:


Avila Breakfast


We loved walking to the pier and buying wild, fresh, local fish.

Questions: Do you bring your own food when you go on vacation? I always bring some food when I travel, even when we don’t have a kitchen. Most places we travel to have at least a small fridge. And I always bring a cooler. Some of my go-to travel foods are nuts, lots and lots of veggies, cheese, yogurt, hemp seeds, fruit, beef jerky, avocados… I also like to bring a piece of ginger root to make ginger tea as well as some lemons to make warm lemon water. Or do you prefer to take a break from cooking/food prep and enjoy eating out on vacation?
Be well,