Monday, August 26, 2013

Ratatouille and French Women for All Seasons

A few months ago, I re-read French Women Don't Get Fat, and I really enjoyed the book as I find that Mireille Guiliano’s approach to healthy living makes sense and is doable. I especially appreciate her focus on eating (for the most part) simple, seasonal foods and creating balance in a no-nonsense way.

The other day, I remembered that many months ago I also bought French Women for All Seasons for my Kindle, but I had never read it. So I started reading it, and I’m really enjoying it. Mireille expands on a lot of the points she wrote about in French Women Don’t Get Fat and also responds to some of the feedback and criticism she received after writing the first book.

The main focus of the book is, as the title implies, living and eating according to the seasons. In addition to recipes and menus for each season, there are also fashion and general living tips. Like in French Women Don’t Get Fat there are many anecdotes, which I very much enjoy reading.

Reading French Women for All Seasons reminded me that there was a recipe in French Women Don't Get Fat that I had planned on making in the summer when homegrown zucchini and tomatoes are plentiful: ratatouille. I remembered that Mireille’s recipe was very simple.

There are basically three ingredients: eggplant, tomatoes, and zucchini. You slice each into thick slices and layer them in a big pot, starting with the eggplant, followed by the tomatoes and finally the zucchini. Then you repeat the layers. I seasoned the layers with salt, pepper, jalapeno slices (not in the original recipe) and garlic. Turn the heat to low and let cook for about two hours. There is no need to add any oil or water. Here is a link to Mireille’s simple, original ratatouille recipe on the French Women Don’t Get Fat website. The French Women Don’t Get Fat website has lots of Mireille’s recipes, tips and advice. It’s fun to check out.


I loved the ratatouille, but it was too spicy for the kid, and hubby liked it okay but wasn’t the biggest fan. 

Questions: What’s your favorite tomato recipe? Tomatoes are my favorite food, and I love eating them straight off the vine, like an apple. But I also enjoy them in a nice caprese salad, as tomato soup, and they are certainly great in ratatouille. What are you reading right now?
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