Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Exercise Update

I have been doing more barre workouts lately, and as a result I feel stronger and more flexible. Plus, I feel I can finally make it through a tough barre class the way I “should.” I am also lifting more weights again, something I wasn’t that serious about for a while.

Because of other activities, I haven’t always reached my goal of 70,000 steps per week, but that’s okay as I know that I have been active.

I still love my Fitbit to track how many steps I walk per day, and it really motives me to walk more the next day after having a low-step day.

Here are my recent weekly Fitbit progress reports:

Fitbit Update March 4Fitbit Update March 11
Fitbit Update March 18Fitbit Update March 25

I also started hiking again, and I look forward to more hikes, which should also help with my weekly step total. On my first hike in a long time, I noticed that I was seriously out of shape when it comes to very steep hills. It’ll be nice to go hiking more regularly again and working on my “steep hill stamina.” Smile 

Here are a few pictures from our recent hike: 

And some animals at the farm at the end of the hike: 

Questions: What’s your favorite exercise at the moment? I am really looking forward to regular, challenging hikes. How often do you mix up your exercise routine? I tend to get into exercise ruts easily and have to make a conscious effort to mix things up every month. 

Be well,