Friday, January 6, 2012

Cleaning Things Up a Bit

Happy 2012!

I hope the first few days of the new year have been good ones! I have been busy trying to bring some order back into my life and to clean things up a bit. I don’t usually make big resolutions at the beginning of a new year, but it is a nice reminder of how “things should/could be in a perfect world.” I also start teaching new classes next week, and so being especially organized is important. Here are some of the organization projects I tackled over the last few days:
  • Sorted through clothes and donated anything that didn’t look good and didn’t make me feel good – felt soooo good!
  • Organized clothes so that I can easily pull outfits together
  • Organized jewelry and made it more accessible
  • Sorted through my spices (and noticed that most of them had been expired for many months and some even years – big oops!)
  • Made hubby install a new spice rack for the spices I use the most
  • Used up most contents from freezer and pantry for meals – I’m very proud that I was able to cook healthy meals with practically “no groceries” in the house for an entire week
Here is a pic of our new “high frequency spices” rack.

We got another CSA box. I love all the leafy greens, especially since my diet is in need of some “cleaning up,” too. I see quite a few green juices and green smoothies in my future, especially as there are still several frozen bananas in the freezer. I also bought a couple cucumbers for juicing. The tangerines can add some sweetness to the juices and smoothies.

Questions: Did you make New Year’s resolutions? If so, what are they? How often do you sort through your spices? I clearly don’t do it often enough! I’ll be better about it!

Be well,


  1. No resolutions but I have been losing weight for health reasons and I have thinned out some of my old clothes that are too big and worn out and began wearing ones I had stashed in back of the closet because they were too small for comfort. Great feeling!

    I've also cleared the fridge out so there is plenty of room for those fresh fruits and vegetables!

  2. Anonymous1/06/2012

    I haven't made new year resolutions, but I will pretty soon! :)
    I need to sort out spices too, they are so messy now! :)

  3. Nice Rack! HaHa couldn't resist. Of course you know what my new year's resolution is... sigh

  4. You've been busy! I got rid of about 3000 sheets of paper from last quarter - so many exams and such. So many trees :( But I'm glad it's gone and recycled.

    I have a ton of frozen fruit so that's been my project to skim down in the way of smoothies.

  5. @Kathy: Great job! Hope you are feeling a bit better.
    @balancejoyanddelicias: Spices get "out of control" so easily...
    @Tamara: Funny! :) Good luck! Remember, one day, one choice at a time. :)
    @Nicole: I still have to sort through more papers from last quarter. Enjoy those smoothies!

  6. How funny, I did the same thing this past couple weeks! When we painted our cabinets (and still are...) I threw away several expired spices, and we bought a spice organizer (although I like your spice rack better. It looks perfect).
    I also organized my jewelry. No joke. I think we were on the same wavelength this past couple weeks! It's almost like a post-Christmas ritual for me.

  7. Happy New Years Andrea! Sounds like you've already accomplished a lot in 2012...I still working on the same thing (today is the day we take down the Christmas tree and put away the ornaments :-). Love the spice rack too..We have one built in to the wall by the stove which I love, but I'm pretty sure there are spices on the rack older than my children (8 and 10). Yikes!

  8. @Gina: Yes, cleaning up feels good after the holidays!
    @EA: Happy 2012! It's scary how quickly spices get old... It seems like you bought them yesterday, but in reality it's been years...

  9. Hi Andrea! Today, I found a bottle of sauce in the pantry that had expired a couple of years ago. So you're not the only one.

    I'm trying to keep a clean inner purse this year. The first receipt I didn't put in it, I lost. Errr! Now, I have to return a tea cup without the receipt. There was a reason for all that mess of receipts in my purse last year. :D

    I love love love your new spice rack!

    :-) Marion

  10. I just love organizing! Isn't it the best feeling!!
    It sounds like you've gotten so much accomplished! That's great! :)

  11. @Marion: Purses are tough!
    @Kristen: Yes, organizing feels great! I just wish everything stayed organized... ;)

  12. Love the new spice rack. The ones we use most often are actually on the counter top and then the less often used ones are in a cabinet. I sorted through them before we moved because I through a lot out, but now we are here and I haven't gone and replaced them all. I think I need to do that soon. Glad you got a lot of stuff done around the house.

  13. no resolutions but a mantra I am committed COMMITTED to living.

  14. @Melinda: I think one of the advantages of frequent moves is that you actually get rid of things you should...
    @Miz: Great mantra!

  15. Great spice rack! I think it makes a big difference to have them visable. Most times I re buy them b/c I've forgotten they're in the cupboard!