Sunday, June 26, 2011

CSA Box and Sweet Box

A few days ago, I got a big box because I won Nicole’s NuNaturals giveaway. Here is what I got:

Along with the NuNaturals products came a big stack of recipes. I can’t wait to experiment… Thanks Nicole and NuNaturals!

We also got our CSA box. Unfortunately, there was a mix up this week, and we didn’t get several of the items we were supposed to get. I was especially sad that the beets were missing… Sad smile Fortunately, our CSA is always really good at making things right and gave me a partial credit on my account. Here is what we did get:

Besides the CSA box veggies, we have also been enjoying our tomatoes. Most of the tomatoes are consumed by the toddler who seems to be under the impression they are all his… He picks them and eats them right off the plant.

Lastly, the teenager came home for a short visit, and we all got to go out to breakfast. It was fun hanging out! The toddler discovered his love for photography and took the photos of the teenager and me as well as of the straw. I think we’ll have to get him a kid’s camera as I was a bit nervous that he might drop ours… It was also quite funny when the toddler started to take photos of all the food. I guess he sees us taking lots of food pics…

Questions:  What was the highlight of your weekend? Have you ever tried NuNaturals or other stevia products? If so, do you like them? If so, what is your favorite way to use them?
Be well,