Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Easy Travel Wardrobe

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When we visited Germany in the summer, we decided to travel very lightly. By taking items that easily mixed and matched (and were easy to wash and dry), I was able to fit most of what I took into a carry-on suitcase. Following is a list of the most useful items that I took.

Black (Very Comfortable!) Skinny Jeans, Black Reversible Parka & Black Sneakers

The first week we were in Germany, it was quite cold and rainy at times. The reversible parka jacket that I bought for the trip worked out great in light rain. And I loved that I could wear it with the fabric side out when the weather was nice and achieve a different look. 

The black, stretchy skinny jeans are super comfortable and turned out to be the perfect travel pants. And the sneakers are truly the most comfortable shoes I own. We walked between 20,000 and 30,000 steps most days, and my feet felt great.

Ponchos for Serious Rain

A couple days it rained a LOT, and we were glad that we had bought some ponchos. One downside to the ponchos is that they do get quite hot... But it was still worth it to be able to go outside and freely walk when it rained a lot.

Stretchy Skinny Jeans & Simple Tops

Besides the black skinny jeans, I also took blue jeans. I paired them with simple tops I have had for years. They are comfortable, don't wrinkle and wash and dry very well. I ended up wearing the blue and black top A LOT.

Finally, for a little dressier outfit, I took a black and white striped blouse that doesn't wrinkle. I love the details on the blouse and got quite a few compliments. It's a great travel option.