Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Imperfect Produce (and Food) Delivery Service

Years ago, I belonged to a CSA, and I was quite happy with it for some time. Then, unfortunately, things went from bad to worse when first the produce sharply declined in quality and then they had a huge data breach incident. I therefore sadly quit that service.

It took me several years to even consider a new service. The more I learned about Imperfect Produce, the more I liked it. Imperfect Produce sources items that might otherwise go to waste because they are not "pretty enough" for regular grocery stores. I also liked that you can easily customize your box every week. Additionally, there is also the option to add on other "imperfect grocery items" (often coding, etc. mistakes) to your box. And many of these items are sharply discounted compared to grocery stores.

Here are two recent boxes. We loved everything in them and have been eating more fruits and veggies.

Thanks Imperfect Produce for a great service!

This is not a sponsored post.