Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Perfect Olive Jacket

In Sunday’s post I wrote about olive, a very popular color this fall, and featured my olive blouse. I bought the blouse on sale last year, and I’m very happy with it. I like the cut, and the fabric drapes well.

The Dangers of Buying Final Sale Items

Unfortunately, the blouse wasn’t the only olive item I bought last fall. I say “unfortunately” because the other item I bought didn’t turn out quite as well. I purchased an olive jacket online and it was a “final sale” item so there was no way to return it. When I bought it, I knew I took a gamble as the reviews were quite mixed - some loved it, others not so much. When I bought the jacket, I had one of my favorite scarves in mind. It’s olive/black/white/orange, and I really wanted to wear it with an olive jacket. Looking back, it was really shortsighted to buy a jacket mainly with one scarf in mind. I remember thinking “it’ll be okay if it’s not ‘perfect' because the big blanket scarf will cover most of it.” But does it really make sense to buy a jacket specifically to wear with one scarf?

Olive Green Jacket 1

Is a “less-than-perfect” Item ever a Bargain?

I was definitely swayed by the price when I ordered the jacket. I believe the original price tag was somewhere around $80, and I got it for about $12. So it was quite the deal! But was it really? I wasn’t too thrilled when the jacket arrived as the material was stiff and didn’t drape well. Is a “less-than-perfect” jacket really a deal? Or would it have made more sense to wait for a jacket I’d be truly happy with? I think the answer is pretty clear. Yes, I should have definitely waited for a jacket I would be completely happy with.

Is There Hope for the Jacket?

But maybe there is some hope for the jacket after all. I just washed it several times (the downside to this is that the jacket is now several shades lighter than it originally was), and I like it much better as the material isn’t as stiff anymore and flows a bit more (the photos in this post are post-wash). We’ll see how it’ll turn out in the next few months. Of course I have seen “perfect” olive jackets everywhere and maybe I should just get what will make be happy… But then again, maybe I should learn a lesson first and deal with the “bargain” I got last year a bit more...

Olive Green Jacket 2

The jacket is definitely a reminder for me to make sure I truly love an item before I buy it. And that means not to order “final sale” items online if I haven’t tried them on or seen them in person. You just never know, and chances are actually pretty high that the item turns out less than perfect, and then you are stuck with it. It’s of course possible to make a less-than-perfect item “work," but my goal for the future is to only purchase items I truly love. I believe it will help me reduce the items in my closet and ultimately dress with more joy.

These olive jackets look pretty fabulous:

Questions: Do you make sure everything you buy is “perfect,” or do you settle if it’s a bargain? Do you own an olive jacket? If so, are you completely happy with it? 

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