Sunday, June 12, 2016

Travel Accessories & Conscious Cleanse Update

I used to not take any accessories on vacation, other than maybe a small silver necklace. But since I like to wear a lot of different accessories in “real life,” I never felt completely dressed. So this year the plan is to take a very small travel wardrobe of well selected pieces that all go together along with plenty of little scarves and necklaces to change up the look. And since I believe in the power of photos, I tried some of them on the other day to help me make a decision of what to take.

I shared some of them on Instagram last week, and it was interesting to see which ones people liked best.

Travel Accessories

I really like my statement pearl necklace, and it goes with other items in my travel wardrobe. It’s a bit bulky, but it may make the cut. One comment I got on Instagram was that the necklace really brightens up the outfit, and I agree.

Pearl Necklace

Travel Wardrobe

My goal this year is to photograph all my travel outfits before we go so that I can take a good look and see what works and what doesn’t. So often a photo tells the true story…  I’ll share more of my travel wardrobe with you soon.

The color palette of my travel wardrobe will be black, white, blue and a little green. The black and white neck scarf goes with everything, and it’s tiny, so it’ll definitely make the cut.  It was also a favorite on Instagram.

Black White  Neckscarf

I really like the blue necklace. It may actually go better with some of the other outfits though. 

Blue Necklace

I like the pink neck scarf with the blue top, but since the pink isn’t one of my travel colors, it’ll probably stay home. But then again, it’s so tiny and light, I may tuck it in somewhere just in case... 

Pink Neckscarf

The next necklace isn’t one of my travel colors either, but I love it, and it complements the colors I’m taking, so it’s coming with me.  

Peach Necklace

The next look reminds me a bit of a flight attendant, but I really love the colors. 

Light Blue Neckscarf 
 And this one is definitely a flight attendant look… It's probably staying home.

Blue Red Neckscarf

Finally, I’ll have to take my turquoise necklace. It goes with everything in my travel wardrobe, and it’s one of my favorite necklaces. Unfortunately, it’s quite heavy. Oh well... 

Turquoise Necklace
Outfit Details: Pleated Shoulder Blouse by Daniel Rainn (under $25 Nordstrom Rack), square scarves multipack


Conscious Cleanse Update

We are completing the five day transition period to the Conscious Cleanse today (Sunday), and the official cleanse starts tomorrow (Monday). The transition period is optional, but I find it really helpful to ease into the cleanse.

Here are the changes you are asked to make if you decide to participate in the transition period:

Wednesday: Add more vegetables and fruits to your diet. - This one was easy. To prepare, I had bought lots of fresh produce on Tuesday. I ate a delicious peach in the morning, a green smoothie mid morning, carrot soup for lunch, and chicken and a salad for dinner.

Thursday: Eliminate added sugar and alcohol. - Alcohol was easy, but added sugar is a bit more tricky. It’s actually a great way to eliminate most processed foods and condiments (which I love!), so I had to be more mindful. It’s a great reminder of all the little ways sugar had snuck back into my diet.

Friday: Eliminate or reduce your caffeine intake. - I had been working on reducing my caffeine intake since Monday (I was drinking way too much). Eliminating caffeine was TOUGH. Even though I reduced it gradually, I had terrible, pounding headaches and was very sleepy throughout the day. Two nights I slept very little because my headache kept me up. I took several epson salt baths, which are supposed to help with headaches (dunk your head under water), and it helped a bit, but the withdrawals were a very unpleasant experience. Luckily, I was completely off caffeine by Friday (and had only minimal headaches on Friday), and I was relieved that that part of the cleanse was behind me. It also made me vow - once again - not to get dependent on caffeine again. We’ll see how that goes long term…

Saturday: Eliminate dairy, eggs, and soy. - I was prepared for this and had bought groceries accordingly, so we actually ran out of eggs on Thursday and dairy on Friday.

Sunday: Eliminate gluten. I have been gluten free since my first cleanse three years ago, so this one is easy.

Stay tuned for more Conscious Cleanse updates. The real fun is just beginning. Click here for more Conscious Cleanse information.

Questions: Do you take accessories on vacation? If so, what kind and how many? Is there anything in your diet you would like to clean up? 

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