Sunday, April 17, 2016

Desigual Coat

I got this white Desigual coat as a birthday gift from my sister about four years ago. To be honest, I had totally forgotten about it as it was hiding in the back of my “overflow closet” (basically I stole half of the kid’s closet; but it’s the half that’s very difficult to access...). So when I wrote the post about my Desigual dress, I didn’t even remember I had this coat... 

White Desigual Coat 1 
My birthday is at the very end of summer and somehow I didn’t feel like wearing it when I first got the coat as I was in a fall-clothes mood. And every year since, I have forgotten about the coat until it’s too warm for it. I think I honestly have worn it twice since I got it!  

White Desigual Coat 2 
And of course on the day I had planned to wear it (on a visit to Wente Vineyards in Livermore; that’s where we took the photos) it rained! I briefly debated wearing something else but then decided to wear it anyway, and I’m glad I did as the fun coat brightened up a dreary day!

White Desigual Coat 4 2


Bold Statement Coat

I really like the coat; it’s definitely not an everyday coat as it truly stands out, but it’s a nice bold statement piece that adds some fun to my wardrobe; I’m determined to wear it more!

White Desigual Coat 3
Desigual has some lovely coats and jackets in its collection. Here is a white Desigual coat with a less bold (than my coat) embroidered circle pattern. And here is another white Desigual coat with stripes.

I also carried my new Coach bag that I bought at the Pismo Outlets over spring break. Here are other small Coach bags in soft pinks that I love: One, Two, Three

Questions: Do you have a statement coat? 

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