Monday, January 11, 2016

Raincoat Love

It looks like we might get a decent amount of rain in the Bay Area this year (keeping my fingers crossed as we really need it!). And I’m happy that I have a chance to bring out my raincoat as I didn’t get to wear it much in the past few years.

I got this MICHAEL by Michael Kors raincoat several years ago at Costco of all places. I was immediately drawn to the bright red color, and I liked the fit. The only problem is that the belt doesn’t stay put when it’s looped through the belt buckle, but I’ve solved that problem by tying it. Recently, I like adding an extra pop of color to the raincoat with my cobalt blue scarf. This MICHAEL raincoat seems to be very similar to mine and comes in several colors.
Red Raincoat
I think owning a bright raincoat is a must as it can truly brighten up a dark, rainy day, of which I hope we’ll have many more here in California… I also used to own a bright, cheery umbrella, but sadly it broke. So I’ve been on the lookout for a bright umbrella (especially for the days when I don’t wear the red coat, but one of my more muted coats). It’s somewhat surprising to me how many dark umbrellas are out there and how hard it is to find a fun, yet still "age-appropriate" one! Maybe I should go into the umbrella business...

Here are some bright raincoats that I think would brighten up any day (click on the photos for more info):

Questions: Do you own a bright raincoat? How about a bright, fun umbrella? How do you bring color and cheer into a rainy day? 

Be Well,

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