Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Fitbit Family

When I got my Fitbit on January 7, the kid was fascinated by it right away. In fact, he really wanted one. I wasn’t sure if giving him a Fitbit was the right thing to do, and I told him I’d think about it and maybe get him one for his birthday. Since the kid’s birthday is approaching, he has been reminding me more and more that he really wants a Fitbit.

Fitbit Oct 9

Hubby has also been intrigued by my Fitbit and mentioned a few weeks ago that he was interested in getting one.

I therefore went ahead and ordered two Fitbits – a black one for hubby and a blue one for the kid. I really wanted to get him one in his favorite color – orange. After all, I have a pink one. Unfortunately, I don’t think they come in orange.

Once hubby found out that I had ordered one for his birthday (I had to basically tell him as he was going to buy one), he insisted that I give it to him right then and there.

So for the past two weeks, hubby has been wearing his Fitbit. He has made some rookie mistakes, like forgetting to wear it after changing clothes.  But other than that, he loves it. Like me, he finds it quite motivating to see how many steps he did (or didn’t) walk, and I can definitely tell that he walks more at the end of day to reach his goal. Just yesterday I suggested an after-dinner walk, and hubby agreed right away. Once we got back home he said, “You know. I wouldn’t have gone on the walk had I not needed more steps.”

Since I have rules for the kid, he has to wait to get his until it’s his birthday (he didn’t even think about asking for his beforehand even after his dad did…). I definitely want to make sure the kid has fun with the Fitbit and doesn’t become obsessed. But I’m sure it’ll be fun, especially since he’ll be walking a lot more steps when we are going somewhere together (since his legs are shorter and he catches up to me by taking extra steps). I’m sure he’ll love to beat me. Smile

Questions: Do you have a Fitbit or other step/mile/etc. tracking device? If so, how do you like it? Do you think you walk more when you wear it? I definitely think I walk more since I got my Fitbit as I have found numerous ways to “sneak” steps into my day.

Be well,