Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Weekend Fun and Final Thoughts on the Conscious Cleanse

Disclosure: I'm a Conscious Cleanse ambassador, and I will earn a commission if you sign up for the cleanse via one of my links. 

We had a busy but good weekend, filled with cleaning, soccer, a last-minute get-together, a visit from the older kid, playground fun, a sleepover, and a trip to Happy Hollow. On Monday night, we took the kid to his second San Jose Giants game.

Final Thoughts on the Conscious Cleanse

The Conscious Cleanse ended last week on Sunday, and we have been reintroducing the food we cut out during the cleanse since. In fact, hubby started reintroducing food a bit early as he wanted to make sure he took the time to really test the different foods we had been eliminating during the cleanse. So far everything he has reintroduced (wheat, dairy, corn, tomatoes, strawberries) sits well with him. Next, he will reintroduce eggs, which we think he may have some issues with.

I reintroduced dairy and initially found I had some problems with cheese. I have since experimented with different kinds of cheese and seem to be okay with small amounts of some cheeses. I am definitely eating a lot less dairy than before the cleanse, something I knew I had to work on.

Since we finished the Conscious Cleanse, I had one bad reaction to food. I ate some beef and black beans my mother-in-law made, and I had forgotten that the soy sauce she used in both dishes had wheat in it. I was very, very uncomfortable and will pay more attention in the future.

During the cleanse, you are supposed to pay attention to how you combine foods to aid digestion. That is, grains and protein do not combine well as they slow down digestion. You can either eat a protein with vegetables or a grain with vegetables, but not together. Ideally, you are also not supposed to mix different proteins and grains. This principle really makes a difference in how we feel after a meal and is the way I continued to eat after the last cleanse and is something we plan to continue after this cleanse.

Since I already ate pretty much according to the principles of the cleanse, I didn’t notice too many changes during the cleanse (except for some detox symptoms, probably from dairy, during the first few days), but I did lose 5 pounds. The Conscious Cleanse really encourages you to look at all aspects of your life, from cleaning up your surroundings to nurturing/repairing relationships to taking some time every day for yourself through journaling. There are constant reminders to be mindful and tune into your body. You are supposed to pay attention to how you feel at all times.

The cleanse was a great reminder to make vegetables the main part of our meals and add little extras, and we definitely went through even more produce than usual. I also paid even more attention to when and how often I reached for my “sweet treat,” usually dates (which are allowed in moderation on the cleanse). Since I also didn’t eat dairy or chocolate and monitored my consumption of avocados and nuts, I know I ate fewer calories. While I believe I am pretty mindful already, I was even more mindful when I ate and didn’t reach for food mindlessly.

The Conscious Cleanse also makes you look at the “soul food” in your life. Jo and Jules believe that if you don’t have satisfying soul food (physical activity, fulfilling work, relationships, and spirituality), it’s very difficult to have a permanently good relationship with food because your food choices will be influenced by what’s missing in these areas of your life. I think this point - that it’s never just about the food - is so important and so many programs don’t address it.

Overall, we are very glad we did the Conscious Cleanse. Doing it a second time made it easier as I was already eating according to the Conscious Cleanse principles for the most part. Yet, I was able to fine-tune quite a few things, mainly what kind and how much dairy I eat as well as my date, avocado and nut consumption. Hubby had been eating many cleanse-friendly meals before the cleanse, but it was good for him to completely cut out sugar, wheat, and dairy for two weeks. It definitely helped with his sweet tooth.

Questions: What are some highlights from your weekend? Are you as mindful as you should be (when it comes to food or life in general)?
Be well,