Saturday, April 14, 2012

CSA Veggies & A Meal Plan

It’s been a while since I’ve taken a photo of our CSA box. Getting our box is still one of my favorite parts of the week!

CSA April 12
If you are interested in my thoughts on CSAs, here are some previous posts in which I wrote about why I love my CSA and  how to make a CSA work for you.

Meal Planning

I haven’t done a very good job planning our meals lately. Life has been a bit busier than I like it. I still plan dinners every week on the white board in my room, but sometimes I don’t plan for all the days of the week, and we have been eating out a few more times than I’d like. So I’m determined to do a better job. Here are the meals for this week (plus some lunch items; we’ll have the same lunch more than once):

Meal 1: Cabbage & veggie soup & brown rice
Meal 2: Grilled salmon & a salad
Meal 3: Quesadillas with black beans, avocado, & salsa
Meal 4: Homemade ramen with eggs, lots of greens, spring onions, & basil
Meal 5: Japchae (we all really enjoy this dish right now)
Lunch: Curried chicken salad (organic chicken breasts, cut into small pieces, with a Greek yogurt/curry dressing)
Lunch: Quinoa & roasted veggie salad
Lunch: Egg salad

Questions: What meals do you have planned for the coming week? What’s your favorite lunch?

Be well,