Sunday, October 23, 2011

Balancing Productivity and Fun

My goal for the weekend had been to get caught up with work and around the house. I got a lot of my grading and prep work done on Friday, but unfortunately there was still a lot left for the weekend. There was also plenty of laundry, grocery shopping, errands, and some “cleaning up” projects.

But thrown in with all the work, we also had lots of fun this weekend.

On Saturday, we checked out the food truck meet up Moveable Feast near the Garden City Casino in San Jose. We didn’t stay very long as the toddler kid was in need of a nap, but we did stay long enough to enjoy the bulgogi over rice plate from the hiyaaa truck. The toddler definitely got his “rice fix,” and we all enjoyed the dish.

In addition, he tried a banana fritter from the Wow truck, which he loved. We also ran into Bill from the Food Truck Nerd blog and chatted a bit. Bill does awesome podcasts about food trucks, and it was fun to talk to him.

Later on in the day, we were invited to dinner by friends. The Wienerschnitzel, potatoes, Brussels sprouts, and salad were delicious! I’ll definitely have to make Wienerschnitzel soon!

The toddler had continued to carb load with bread before dinner, so he played rather than ate when dinner was served. Since it’s not an every day occurrence, we let him be a kid.

On Sunday, we were invited to a birthday party and had more great food.

I posted our weekly menu as well as some workouts I have planned on my Facebook page. It’s pretty low-key this week. I hurt my foot last week, and I’ll have to see how it goes…

Questions: What was the highlight of your weekend? What was the best thing you ate? I really enjoyed the Wienerschnitzel as well as the spring rolls at the birthday party.

Be well,


  1. Hi Andrea! Sorry about your foot. My knee is bothering me.

    Well for good food: I had perogies. Sweet potato fries.

    I really like bulgogi wrapped up in lettuce--so long as the meat is good quality. I'm *not* at all into chewy meat. (It seems the place where we *used to* buy it has gone downhill on their meat.)

    :-) Marion

  2. Sounds like you had a fun (and food) filled weekend! Can you believe I've never eaten at a food truck before? We have some here in C-bus but the opportunity for me to stop at one has never come my way. I think one day I'll make a special trip downtown just to check one out.

    Best thing I ate this weekend? Definitely the cupcakes at my cousin's wedding. While they weren't CAKE, they definitely tasted 100 times better than I imagined!!!

  3. Wienerschnitzel is not something I see on American menus often. I love them.

    Best thing I ate this weekend: the salads I made for lunch and dinner on Saturday.

    Highlight? That my living room is painted and looks brand new.

  4. What a jam packed weekend! I bet it just zoomed by....

    The best thing I ate this weekend was home made soup that my Mom brought over

  5. I don't think I'll ever get used to him being referred to as "the kid"! LOL!

    Your weekend sounds productive, but balanced...I had much of the same! I think the fuji apple and FRESH kettle corn I had at the apple orchard yesterday had to top the list :)

  6. mmmmm. schnitzel! favorite. what a great weekend you've had. <3

  7. Productivity and fun. Sounds like a perfect balanced weekend. Take care of that foot!!!!!

  8. those wraps remind me of the spring rolls at the Vietnamese restaurant i ate at last week. So, so good.

  9. Oh no! I'm behind on your news- I'll email shortly- sorry to hear about your foot. Jealous of your food trucking. I've never ever dined at one- I need to change that.