Monday, August 1, 2011


I love looking through old photo albums from when the young adult was just a toddler (as of a few weeks the teenager is officially not a teenager anymore as he turned 20!!! Still working on a new name…). Back then, I was very good about taking photos, getting them developed right away and putting them into a photo album.

But once I started taking digital photos, my little system didn’t work so well anymore. There are thousands and thousands of photos that are trapped in my laptop or on storage devices that deserve to be seen but aren’t. But one very cool thing about digital photos is how easy it is to create photo books, and I have created my fair share of them, especially since the toddler has been born.

I was very excited when I was selected to create a free 20 page medium hard cover photo book using the KODAK Gallery through the Foodbuzz Tastemaker Program. I had so many photos to work with that it was almost hard to choose. Almost. I had just come back from visiting my parents, and my hiking trip in the Alps, which had been one of the reasons for the trip. It was certainly an adventure I wanted to document.

I got to work almost immediately, and shortly after I had completed a beautiful photo book. I had never used the KODAK  Gallery before to make a photo book but have used a few other services. I was impressed by how easy and quick the process was. I decided to order two copies, one for me and one for my parents. I got an amazing deal on the second copy as well.

Question: How do you keep track of your digital photos? Do they ever get “lost?” I like to make photo books at the end of each year; it’s a great way to look back at the year. But there are still many, many photos left on my laptop that don’t get the attention they deserve… It’s time to tell some stories with them! In fact, I have already uploaded a few thousand photos to the KODAK Gallery to work with! Smile Do you want to make your own photo book? Between 8/1/11 and 8/31/11, you can make a medium hardcover or a large Photo Book at 40% off by going to

Be well,