Saturday, July 23, 2011

Some Exercise While Wifey’s Away

[Guest post by hubby.]

This was back when wifey departed for Germany.

With wifey away, the toddler and I have continued doing exercise. For the toddler, it’s mostly through play.

For most of my life, I knew the importance of doing exercise, but I was so bad at it for various reasons, including unhealthy viewpoints and lack of consistency. I think it’s finally come together, and yes, of course, the credit goes to wifey – she never pushed me; instead, she motivated me to exercise consistently through her actions, by modeling the way.


Question: When did your exercise routine and patterns finally come together?

One last thing:

Look who’s back (since literally less than an hour ago)…

110723 SFO Arrival 007


  1. Welcome home Andrea! I've been thinking about you and your family!

  2. I was lucky to have parents who were always into exercising, so I knew the many benefits of exercise from a young age. I started going on long bike rides with them when I was about nine or ten, and I never stopped working out after that. I'm very thankful.

    Welcome home Andrea!! I think it was you who asked about the broccoli and YES, my IBS diet has helped control my gas and bloating that I used to get when I ate broccoli (and just about every other food). It's really amazing.

  3. What great photos!!! Welcome home Andrea!!!!!!!

  4. awww welcome home! So sweet - love how much playtime the toddler has gotten in!!

  5. Someone missed you =) Sounds like they kept busy why you were away. Fun to be out and about in the summer time. I'm loving it.

  6. Love all the photos of the toddler - welcome home!!

  7. Anonymous7/25/2011

    Looks like toddler is having lots of fun! Welcome back Andrea.