Sunday, January 23, 2011

Veggies, Sunshine, and the Beach

The weekend started off with a CSA box. Here is what we got:

  • Collard greens
  • Lettuce
  • Kale
  • Carrots
  • Potatoes
  • Oranges
  • Meyer Lemons
  • Apples
  • Onions
  • Mushrooms
As soon as we opened the box, the toddler declared that the carrots were his. And he wasn’t kidding…

I grew up in a very cold climate, so I feel very lucky to have lived in California for the past 20 years. In fact, one of my childhood dreams was to have a palm tree in my yard (which seemed very, very unlikely at the time…). Well, the palm tree in my yard never happened, but there are quite a few palm trees in my neighborhood. Anyway, we were lucky to enjoy fabulous weather over the weekend. Sunshine and 70 degrees. Today, we decided to head to the beach.

Beach 0001
Beach 0002
Beach 0003
Beach 0004
If you’d like to see more of our fun at the beach, you can check out our video below:

Questions: What was the climate like where you grew up? Did you ever dream of moving to a totally different climate? If so, did you ever make the dream come true? What’s the best thing you ate over the weekend? I really liked the Greek salad I had at the beach, but my favorite was the simple salad I made with the lettuce in our CSA box. And I also loved the kale chips I made with the kale from the box…

Be well,


  1. Oh I am SO jealous of that weather - it's 0 degrees here right now! ah!

  2. The beach!!!!! I sure do miss it! It's 15 degrees her this morning! EEK!

    I would love to live in San Diego with perfect temps year round!

  3. Anonymous1/24/2011

    oh i am with you andrea! i am so happy to be at the beach again and the mild climate. i lived in the mountains for the past 20 years and am happy to be here. are you in santa cruz?

  4. Such beautiful weather!!! It's FREEZING here in Baltimore today!

  5. your little vidoe was beautiful!

    I grew up in so cal so I have always lived here.

    I do like to think about living near mountains where you get snow seasonally...but than again.



    your CSA box looks perfect this week (when does it not??)

    glad you had an amazing day at the beach!

  6. So grateful to be a part of this.

  7. I love your videos, especially when your son talks :) His voice is so precious. He's so curious about everything, I love it.
    Looking at this video makes me very jealous. Not only do I wish we had weather like that here, but your husband's beer is calling my name. I love the Hefeweizens!! IS that a Paulaner? Hoegarden? Franziskaner?? Looks yummmmy! Thanks for sharing this great day with us.

  8. The video is so cute :-) And yes...we love living in California, and like you we went for a long walk at the beach...

  9. I love that your baby boy loves his veggies!! The climate was COLD in germany - loved it. Then we moved to Alabama when I was 5. I hate the heat and humidity and always have- it makes me starving and tired and demotivated - I would love to move to a cooler climate but Austin loves it here and I, despite the weather, do as well!

  10. Gorgeous! I loved the video! Korey was so cute wiggling around with excitement over his grilled cheese and fries :) I'd have ordered a beer like hubby, that really did look crisp and refreshing! I've heard that CA is having an amazing winter, I am so jealous! I grew up in the Midwest and that's where I live now. Even being in Tulsa was great -- they still have the seasons, but the winters are much more mild and the summer months stretch on and on!

  11. Anonymous1/25/2011

    The beach and 70s sure sound nice, it's soooo cold here on the east coast right now!

  12. I'm SO jealous of your beautiful weather! The water lapping at the shore at the beginning of the video made me think of summer!!

  13. love those sunshiney photos! it is snowing hard here today. thanks for lighting up my afternoon.

  14. I wish I was on a warm beach right now... it's cold and foggy here today.

  15. I'd give anything to live anywhere BUT the midwest - my husband and I are so over the cold winters!

    Thanks for your sweet comment - I appreciate it Andrea! :D

  16. What a beautiful place to live. We moved around with the military so the climate changed every few years!

  17. Anonymous1/26/2011

    I wish it were in the 70s, although I do feel fortunate that its in the 50s here in Seattle. My favorite part of living in a mild climate is that I can run outside all year long.

    Love your CSA box. I just signed up for my own! So excited. It's like getting a present every week. :)

  18. That looks like a beautiful day at the beach.

    In Holland we have a sea climate, we usually have mild Winters and cool Summers and we have often rain. We can have hard Winters with lots of snow, cold and storms and very hot Summers.
    I never wanted to move anywhere else because I love the 4 seasons idea. I could never live somewhere where the sun is always shining or where it's always cold.