Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Double Salad Day

Things have been busy. And the toddler hasn’t been sleeping well for the past few days (which means I haven’t been sleeping well…). Most days I try to tell myself that I look “young,” but when I don’t get enough sleep there is truly no denying that I look old(er)… Smile

Because things are hectic, meals have been easy. Yesterday’s lunch were two salads:

Caprese Salad

Easy Greek Salad

Easy Greek Salad
  • Tomatoes
  • Cucumbers
  • Onions
  • Basil (just because I had some)
  • Trader Joe’s Greek Style Feta Dressing
The toddler refused to take a nap yesterday afternoon, and when hubby got home from work, I truly didn’t feel like cooking what I had planned. So we decided to go to a salad place and get some more salad. I didn’t take a picture of my salad, but I took a picture of the toddler’s tray (which we had to pay for for the first time since he just turned 3!), my pho (I LOVED all the cilantro I put in it), and my baked potato. I haven’t had a baked potato in a long time, but I really wanted one, and it tasted very good and was true comfort food for me… Smile

Questions: What comfort food(s)have you had lately? I LOVED the baked potato! Smile What’s your favorite salad at the moment? I really like making different types of “Greek salads” with Trader Joe’s Greek Style Feta dressing.

Be well,


  1. I love these healthy meals you've had! I just posted about sweet potato and gruyere turnovers and they became the perfect new comfort meal!

  2. I just love a baked potato with all the fixins! Creamy soups and mac and cheese are some of my favorite comfort foods.
    Your caprese salad looks to die for!

  3. Anonymous10/26/2010

    mmm I love Greek Salads, but now that it's Fall almost winter, I am more in the mood for big hearty salads, maybe grilled chicken.

  4. Those are two of my favorite salads!

    sorry about the toddler not sleeping. Ugh, I know that feeling!

  5. Comfort foods to me are eggs, oats, stews. Now that it's getting colder I'm eating more of all!

    I'm kinda phasing out of salads right now, but I do like Greek.

  6. My favorite comfort food will always be my morning oats. That potato with the chili on top sounds great. I think that will have to be on our menu soon! While on this elimination diet I can't eat beef, but today I made grass-fed beef for Nick and chili sounds great (next week, of course).

    Favorite salad at the moment is definitely my spinach salad with chicken, cheese, broccoli, and butternut squash, sometimes quinoa.

  7. My favorite comfort food lately has been grilled cheese sandwiches. I do love baked potatoes.

    Greek salads are usually my favorite!

  8. Both of these salads look amazing! hehe I use basil a lot more because I have it on hand too. So funny!

    My favorite lately has been cranberries/avocado/arugula/blue cheese with raspberry dressing!

  9. Yummie, both salads look great...very colorful...I love the caprese salad due to the fresh mozzarella...SO yummie!

  10. Everything looks so good! Baked potatoes are total comfort food for me too... yours looks amazing.

  11. Wow, your pho looks amazing. (as does that baked potato.)

    Favorite salad lately: arugula with apple, blue cheese, fennel and lemon vinaigrette.

  12. My comfort food? Wow, there are so many. But probably one of my faves is a fresh-baked cookie. And I had that -- in spades recently -- when I baked a big ol' batch of maple espresso cookies. Mmm, like all your favorite morning flavors in one bite.

  13. That caprese salad looks really good. Although, I can never get into mozzarella unless it's really, really good, fresh mozzarella. Comfort food lately: chocolate....halloween candy seeping into my life!

  14. Anonymous10/28/2010

    The salads sound great! Our favorite salad is always a white salad of hearts of palm, endives, and mozarella.

  15. I have been dancing with carbs lately so ANY thing carb ish would work.

    your bowl of udon noodles with all the cilantro looks so gooooood!

    as does the pototo.

    I always love your salads too!!!

  16. Omg that baked potato looks AAAmazing. My comfort food of choice lately would be sloppy joe...yes I know this is weird! lol
    I'm sorry the toddler has been keeping you up-I may as well have one too with the way I've been sleeping. I need to do something about the bags forming under my eyes. :/

  17. crazy days lady! at least you are eating well and that is the most important part :)

  18. I love Greek salads but I do miss the feta cheese and the olives in your version. I never make a Greek salad without those.

    Hmmm can't think of any comfort food I particularly liked the past weeks.

  19. It's Green day already? Looks simply delish.