Thursday, September 23, 2010

Busy Schedule, Easy Meal, Lots of Veggies, and First Video Post Coming Soon

Sorry that I’ve been absent for the last week or so. As much as I love teaching, sometimes it completely takes over my life…

One of my priorities when things get hectic is to eat as many meals as a family as we can. We aren’t able to eat breakfast together every morning because I teach a very early morning class a few times per week, but when we can eat together in the morning, I try to make it somewhat special: scrambled eggs with sausage, bagel, strawberries, blueberries, and figs. We are lucky as my in-laws’ fig tree has awesome figs this year!

We also got a CSA delivery; most of it is already gone…

Meals have been easy, too. One of my recent finds is a rice/barely/spelt mix from Trader Joe’s. The box says it’s great for risotto, and that’s what I made with part of it. There are directions on the box, but I didn’t really follow them. But I think what I did was very similar.

I started by sautéing sliced mushrooms in some olive oil. In the meantime, I cooked one cup of the grain blend in some vegetable stock. After the mushrooms had cooked for a few minutes, I added  the mushrooms into the pot with the grain blend and cooked it until the water was absorbed (a total of about 15 minutes). Then I added some Parmesan cheese. That’s it. Hubby added some sliced basil leaves to his plate, and it was delicious. I’ll definitely add some herbs next time. I don’t think the texture and taste is exactly like risotto, but it’s good and a lot less work and a lot faster than “real risotto.”

The toddler recently got his first face painting. He was sooo excited. But he didn’t feel like posing for a photo… Oh well.

Look what I got in the mail from Pace via the FoodbuzzTastemaker Program!

Lots and lots of salsa! I’m so excited to use it. I’ll make breakfast burritos with some of it, and I’ll post my first video blog about it over the weekend. I’m in the process of recruiting some “actors” (hubby, toddler, and my brother-in-law) as “tasters.” We’ll see how it all turns out…

Questions: What have you been eating lately? What fall foods or drinks are you enjoying right now? My guilty pleasure is just a bit of pumpkin spice syrup in my coffee… :-)

Be well,