Monday, June 7, 2010

Warm and Delicious Weekend

We enjoyed beautiful weather over the weekend. On top of that, we got to eat delicious food and hang out with friends.

On Saturday, we celebrated the high school graduation of one of the teenager’s oldest friends; they met when they were three! And his mom is one of my best friends. Mary put together the most fabulous brunch and really opened up her home and took great care to make her guests feel comfortable. Here are a few of the things we got to enjoy; there was lots more that I didn’t capture…


Since it had been months since hubby and I went out by ourselves, we also went out to dinner on Saturday night. Yes, lots of food in one day! I did get a workout in first thing Saturday and Sunday though… :-)
Here is Saturday’s dinner: Bread with basil olive oil. Most of it was consumed by hubby…

Hubby got some beer.

Hubby ordered the three course meal. It started with asparagus risotto. It was good, but the rice was just a bit too firm in my opinion.

I ordered the “healthy fish:” salmon, veggies, and wheat pasta in tomato sauce. It was basic but good.

Hubby’s main course were lamb chops with arugula salad. He actually said that it was too much meat and that he would order something with less meat next time. But somehow he managed to eat most of it anyway…

And we split his dessert. :-) It was really good: orange liqueur soaked sponge cake layered with marinated mixed berries, honey sweet mango and mascarpone zabione.

And the beautiful palm tree above our table. While it was beautiful, it was also VERY messy and was shedding tons of “stuff.” Hubby’s allergies were not too happy… Nevertheless, we had a fabulous time! :-)

And on Sunday, we went to Sunset Magazine Celebration Weekend. We didn’t catch any of the celebrity chefs but had a good time sampling some food and checking out a few of the many vendors.

Sunset 01

The Tillamook Cheese "mini minivan" was soooo cute!

Sunset 02

And we got to try some of the famous Korean BBQ truck tacos.

Sunset 16

They were delicious.

Sunset 04

And “somehow” the toddler got a hold of some French fries, which he had to show off! :-)

Sunset 03

It’s going to be a busy week. I have lots going on at work and the teenager is graduating from high school this week! I can’t believe my “baby” is all grown up!

Questions: What was the highlight of your weekend? What’s your favorite food right now? I got some amazing early tomatoes at the Farmers’ Market on Friday. I could eat them all day long…

Be well,